Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stray Dogs, Motorcycle Accidents, And Unrealistic Deadlines

It's days like these that I thank God for Goji!

5 days ago, a little beagle dog showed up on our doorstep.

The poor little guy was absolutely LOADED with ticks, fleas and Lord only knows what other parasitic varmints clinging to it's skin. The first flea and tick batch removed half of them... the third flea and tick bath got rid of another huge amount... and the color, plus the once-a-month coat treatment seems to have finally gotten rid of the rest? Or at least we're hoping they have gone for good.

2 days after all the work put into getting this little fellow cleaned up so we don't have to worry about our son's natural desire to play with him the little puppy disappears for 24 hours. Our son was crestfallen... while we had a strange mix of sadness and relief. The feelings were short-lived, however... as the beagle showed up --- limping this time --- to fall asleep on our deck yet again. It appears he has chosen us as his new home... which is fine, until his real owners show up.

During all this commotion, I get a call from Canada.

It's my parent's with the bad news about a very serious motorcycle accident my nephew was in on the weekend.

One collapsed lung, 5 broken ribs, pelvic area broken in at least 2 places, possibly more...

It nearly broke my heart. He had just gotten his first good-paying job 2 weeks earlier, and now his life is turned upside down.

What you have to realize is that I'm very close to my nephew, even though we are separated by many many miles in distance. He's tall - almost 7 feet - and thankfully was in very good health... the only niece/nephew in the family that actually takes nutrition very seriously. He will survive, but not without plenty of rest followed by a good deal of physical therapy, I'm sure.

And then it all gets topped off with a call for work from 5 different clients --- all of whom want it NOW!

It doesn't matter --- I took Sunday off and went fishing with my husband and my son for Father's Day anyway. After all, they need --- and very much deserve --- my time too, right?

See you next update.

Until then... stay safe, drink goji, and have a super week!

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