Saturday, July 29, 2006

Malpractice Case ...?

As the editor for BLV Health Watch, a lot of stories catch my attention when it comes to the age-old battle between alternative health and modern medicine.

Abraham's story is an important battle that has captured my attention this week.

I wonder how I would feel if I were placed in the same position as young Abraham Cherrix -- forced to take chemo and radiation treatments -- after having found an alternative therapy that appears to work well for me?

Three things I would probably do:

1) Find a more enlightened oncologists immediately that can help me continue my treatments and support/monitor me as I fight the cancer, since that's the battle I'd really need to be focussed on, agreed? (I'd probably get in touch with the author of the "Acid is For Batteries" audio DVD to accomplish this. Contact me if you're looking for a copy.)

2) Find a strong legal team and generate public support to help fund that team.

3) Find 2 (or more) oncologists who disagree with the first, then launch my malpractice lawsuit against the oncologist in question.

I wonder if there are grounds for a soldi malpractice case here?

That's for starters...

Next, there's the issue of the Government bodies involved.

You know, I'm seriously beginning to question this whole "it's a free country" thing here in the USA. Battling the hog CAFO taught me that there seems to be a great deal of taxation without representation going on.

Who is really pulling the strings?


Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy People Never Retire...

In a recent newsletter I received from NightingaleConant (called the AdvantEdge), there was a great article titled "Happy People Never Retire" written by Dr. Gene N. Landrum (high-tech start-up specialist, who created the Chuck E. Cheese's family entertainment concept) with some thought-provoking words:
"Psychiatrist John Diamond found that 90 percent of people 'hate their work.' Why? Because they tend to take jobs for the wrong reasons or because the jobs are what the family deems right. They have been programmed to follow rules, punch the proverbial time clock, and do what is right. Right for whom?"
The article quoted George Bernard Shaw:
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
Reading through my blog, one might get the impression that I resist progress least as far as factory farms (CAFOs) are concerned.

Actually... the opposite is true. I'm all in favor of progress -- providing it is "responsible" progress, meaning that it does not harm others and/or our ecosystem, in the process.

For example, I applaud the efforts underway currently with Dream Farm 2 ...and think it's an admirable approach to the energy, emmissions and food source problems much of the world faces today.

In my humble opinion, the world is rich with everything we need to live long and happy lives, providing those who plunder it for personal profit without consideration for the impact their actions may have don't eventually destroy the very things we need to survive.

Monday, July 17, 2006

That Awful Ammonia Smell - Peeeeeuuuuu!

You know, since the hog factory opened, I thought maybe we'd be okay here...

But the last few days there was next to no breeze at all. With our air conditioner broken (long story that involves our adventurous little boy) we've had to throw our windows open wide every night.

Long story short: two nights ago my eyes were actually watering and it felt like my side of the bed (tucked into a corner of the room) just reeked with ammonia.

We've been cleaning a LOT this past week in preparation for our son's 6th birthday party last weekend, but I know for a fact we didn't use anything containing ammonia. So where in the heck was this terrible smell coming from? It felt like my eyes were bleeding, and I was afraid to do my deep breathing exercises because it hurt so much.

Today -- FINALLY! -- we have a strong wind coming in from the southwest.

The ammonia smell is gone.

I hate to say it all came from the CAFO, but... where else??

On a sidenote (and an unabashed plug) I'm sorry I've been absent for a few weeks. Just finished our new Team Center and Goji Biz Op site, finally finished writing the Free Goji Report - "Is Goji Right For You?" - and have it online now.

On another unrelated note, we got our 5,000 mile check up reminder postcard in the mail for our new Ford Escape. Funny thing is, we only have just over 2,000 miles on it so far. Working full time from home has some great cost-saving advantages! After reading Kemplog's "Energy Crisis" entry, I'm glad in at least this small way, we're doing our part. At this rate, it will be at least another 2 to 3 months before we need that 5,000-mile checkup.