Saturday, July 29, 2006

Malpractice Case ...?

As the editor for BLV Health Watch, a lot of stories catch my attention when it comes to the age-old battle between alternative health and modern medicine.

Abraham's story is an important battle that has captured my attention this week.

I wonder how I would feel if I were placed in the same position as young Abraham Cherrix -- forced to take chemo and radiation treatments -- after having found an alternative therapy that appears to work well for me?

Three things I would probably do:

1) Find a more enlightened oncologists immediately that can help me continue my treatments and support/monitor me as I fight the cancer, since that's the battle I'd really need to be focussed on, agreed? (I'd probably get in touch with the author of the "Acid is For Batteries" audio DVD to accomplish this. Contact me if you're looking for a copy.)

2) Find a strong legal team and generate public support to help fund that team.

3) Find 2 (or more) oncologists who disagree with the first, then launch my malpractice lawsuit against the oncologist in question.

I wonder if there are grounds for a soldi malpractice case here?

That's for starters...

Next, there's the issue of the Government bodies involved.

You know, I'm seriously beginning to question this whole "it's a free country" thing here in the USA. Battling the hog CAFO taught me that there seems to be a great deal of taxation without representation going on.

Who is really pulling the strings?



Anonymous said...

I agree with this. Some other great sites to watch this story unfold are:

kmyers said...

Thanks for the links! It's quite a case... and a sad story for Abraham. I'd LOVE to send him 2 cases of Goji free if I had an address and knew he would drink it. My heart goes out to him and his family!