Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bird Flu Pandemic Recipe

Here is the recipe...

- Take a high concentration of about 2,496 disease-prone pigs.
- Mix them into a large bird feeding area, about 20,000 birds.
- Mix in a large concentration of humans, about 40,000 to 50,000.

Secret Ingredient:
Now, make those pigs start having babies -- thousands of piglets a year. After all, piglets are much more susceptable to airborn diseases and other pathogens.

Special Instructions:
Next, the piglets that survive and are strong enough, pack them into trucks and haul them right through that large concentration of birds all over the country for fattening before slaughter. (You want to make sure those germs carry around the USA fast, right?)

Optional Toppings:
Just for good measure, compost the dead piglets that don't survive right on the "farm" property. (You attract a whole lot more insects this way so you can increase the chance for success of your recipe.) Oh... and mix in the pig sewage with all of its pathogens and drugs right into the soil that all those birds are eating on. (After all, you want your recipe to carry as far and wide as you can. Don't let it sit just in our country... let the migratory birds carry it to 3 or 4 countries to share with their friends.)

Ask any expert on avian flu what he thinks of this recipe.

Want to stop it before it has a chance to "bake" in the Jasper County, Indiana, USA oven?

Write to the following senators -- Sen. Richard G. Lugar, Sen. Evan Bayh, Sen. James A. Lewis, and a few more. While you're at it, how about Gov. Mitch Daniels ...

And Protest The
Belstra/Harper Sow Unit - Farm ID # 6383
Jasper County, Indiana

-- and be sure to send your protest to the Office Of Environmental Management, too!

For your convenience, all above links open in a separate window. Help us stop this hog factory farm today. Thank you! We appreciate you!

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Marcella said...

Job well Done, Karen! This is exactly what needs to be told and you're doing a great job telling the true side of it !!!

kmyers said...

Thanks Marcella. I'm trying to remain calm and rational, but it's hard to do so when observing what's going on with this hog factory farm. I have more posts coming with some stats and scientific studies that even shock and surprise me. I still can't imagine they would let this farm go through considering the location. It's mind-boggling. Is there no common sense left in Indiana Government?

thibaudeaua said...

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