Sunday, January 29, 2006

ps - I was wrong

ps - to the post "I Was Wrong..."

I just got off the phone from a pre-recorded call urging me to contact an Indiana Senator to "Vote No" to House Bill 1008 which in essence will give a foreign country ownership (licensed) of the Indiana toll road. Get full details on the Indiana toll road situation through this link.

It's odd -- although maybe just a coincidence -- that this call would come less than 1/2 and hour after I was reviewing the issue on Mr. Dvorak's blog, and research links to further information on Government and Press websites.

Is "Big Brother" watching?

If yes -- GREAT!! -- tell him to stop the Belstra-Harper sow-unit here in Jasper County, Indiana! :)

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for links to other Indiana politician blogs. Got any you can share? Please post them in comments. Thanks a bunch!

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B said...

The toll road being sold is interesting, especially with all of the news today about the ports being sold. It's disgusting that we talk about security and then ignore those who tell us we're making a mistake.