Sunday, February 05, 2006

It Really Does Matter

I read a comment on Brand New Day about how IDEM has been nicknamed by many environmental groups as well as several large corporations. The IDEM nickname is -- "It Doesn't Even Matter"

His post was about the new "Clean City" tag IDEM is offerring to cities in Indiana who qualify, and I must agree with the author's skepticism regarding the "front" IDEM is putting on here in the State of Indiana.

IDEM's reputation is mud here in Jasper County ...and their reputation spreads far beyond our county with the number of people they have already placed "in harm's way" with their actions -- or should I say lack of actions -- regarding CAFOs.

The latest news from Kemplog shows a clear picture of things to come for the State of Indiana at the hands of IDEM:
IDEM Commissioner Tom Easterly told hog producers at the Indiana Pork Producers state convention last week that IDEM will suspend enforcement of Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CARO) permits until the EPA has cleared up the confusion surrounding CAFOs. This is the result of a court decision that threw out previous EPA regulations on CAFOs. "Until we know what the federal rules are, it makes no sense to enforce them," said Easterly. He said no enforcement action will be taken for at least the next 3 years.
Imagine - the environmental health of the State of Indiana is in this man's hands this agency's hands.

From what I recall in all my research, I believe Indiana was one of the States who were FORCED to put CAFO laws in place because the State had fallen so far behind Federal environmental protection guidelines.

For those citizens who care about Indiana, who want to see its few remaining natural sanctuaries survive and thrive, I'm thinking it's time we call in the Federal EPA ombudsman.
About The Ombudsman: The Public Liaison Director manages the hotline function and the reviews of complaints and allegations of fraud, waste, mismanagement or improper conduct of Agency employees or its contractors.

About The Hotline: The purpose of the hotline is to receive complaints of fraud, waste, and abuse in EPA programs and operations including mismanagement or violations of law, rules, or regulations by EPA employees or program participants.
If you have proof Federal EPA laws, rules, or regulations have been violated in your area of Indiana -- and you've had no results and/or support from IDEM (and have proof to support this) you can learn all about how the Ombudsman, a separate EPA arm not under direct Federal or State EPA control, has resources to get something done about it -- even to the point of calling in the FBI, if needed. Find out more about the EPA Ombudsman's office through this link.

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