Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Pigs Arrived

Yesterday, at least 6 huge semi truck loads of pigs thundered past our home, headed for the Jasper County swine CAFO. It was a full hour later when we saw the first of them drive back empty.

Considering the weather has been absolutely miserable these past 4 days -- high winds, tons of rain -- they must have had quite a "muddy mess" on their hands. We're still holding our breath here to find out what kind of "mess" it will mean for us.

Did I mention the giant exhaust fans from the building are pointed directly at the Jasper-Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Reserve?

We drove through Area 8 of the Reserve on our way to the CAFO Open House, and noticed some preliminary cutting has already been done in preparation for the controlled burn happening there this summer. The forested area is only about 30 feet from the CAFO monster fans. Beyond the forested area (much of which will be gone after the controlled burn) is the shooting range.

Interestingly enough, prevailing winds in our area generally point in that direction, too.

One poor fellow has to go to the shooting range and unlock it each morning, then remain there all day to supervise anyone using it ...he has to stay there all day long. Imagine... he'll actually be closer to the CAFO than we are -- and directly in the path of those fans once the controlled burn has been completed.

I already feel sorry for him!

Sadly enough, about a mile and a half further in the same direction is the bird observation deck.

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