Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What's Worse? Cow or Hog CAFO?

I've been super busy this past month with a rather large FLASH presentation for one client, as well as the launch of our new Co-op beta-test site for The Goji Business Opportunity ...so pardon me for my absence. (We just got word from Ray when he returned from the latest Direct Sellers Association board meeting that we are now the #1 fastest growing Direct Sales Company in the DSA, so we've got to hurry and step up our own systems.)

However, when my husband came home from visiting his brother Doug just outside of Demotte, Indiana, the other day and told me about this, I just had to share it here with my readers.

You see, when he and our son were over there, there was a "Gawdwful smell!" so he asked Doug: "Those hog farms smell like this all the time?"

Doug replied: "Heck no! They've been shut down for almost a year now. That smell you're smelling is coming all the way from 65 ...it's that dairy CAFO over there stinking up the neighborhood."

As the crow flies, that dairy CAFO is about 5 to 6 miles from Doug's home.

Now, since the hog CAFO started up just 2500 feet from our house, we've only "smelled trouble" about 3 or 4 times -- and it most definitely hasn't been as overpowering as what Doug's place was like.

But then again, they still haven't finished things at the hog CAFO yet. Just a couple weeks ago, more concrete trucks thundered by... and just these last couple days, more transports have been coming in, too.

Lordy-Lordy, I sure hope it doesn't reach Doug's situation. My husband said it was enough to make you throw-up ...and even the air-conditioner/purification system inside their house couldn't get rid of it.

My advice to anyone racing down Indiana Interstate 65 and near the junction of Highway 10 -- roll up your windows and hold your breath!

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