Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Bilk Behind The Milk

When you think of den Dulk dairy cows, they like to paint this picture in your mind. This picture was taken at Fair Oaks ...one of their Fake Displays which is part of their "dairy farm tour" ... and which DOES NOT show you what's really going on behind the scenes:

But here's the TRUTH, according to Dr. Gordie Jones, Director of Herd Performance at Fair Oaks Dairy Farms. This picture was taken directly from one of their training documents:

Don't be fooled into thinking their cheese comes from happy cows.

It makes my stomach turn just thinking about this and other misconceptions the public has regarding the growing den Dulk empire. These guys are HUGE ...have even been called the "Wal-Mart of Manure" by some. The den Dulk's have connections so high up in the chain of power in this country that average voting folks (like you and I) couldn't even dream of making them accountable for their actions.

Yes -- we're going to vote today. It is Election Day, after all.

But, how much weight do our votes really carry?

Rural residents throughout Indiana are quickly finding out what "taxation without representation" really means as they watch their homes, their family farms, their small businesses, their health ...their lives... being completely ignored by Governments at all levels when it comes to factory farms moving into their area.

We're going to the polls today, and to our knowledge, only one candidate on the ballot is against factory farms running rife through our State. She'll be getting our vote.

As for the rest -- all we can do is make a "best guess" -- and we're guessing anyone against Daniels: he's the man spearheading the AG-industrialization of precious farmland here in Indiana -- drowning the state in manure so thick, you'll be able to choke on it for miles and miles soon.

When you think "taxation without representation" ...you probably think Boston Tea Party. Is that with or without cream?


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