Sunday, February 04, 2007

Colts Serve Up Some Hoosier Pride for Super Bowl

Yahoo Colts!! Awesome game, guys! To be honest, after the first 2 minutes of the game, I had some serious doubts... But then you guys turned things around, tightened up, and found your rhythm.

I think the part I liked best was that intercept-turned-touchdown in the second half. Wow! And Manning did a terrific job -- strong and steady.

Our little boy wore a Manning jersey for Team Spirit day at school on Friday. I don't think he quite understood everything that was going on in the game. He kept saying "Why do those guys run in so close to those other guys all the time. They're just gonna get hurt that way." (hehe)

Bottom Line: Excellent game, COLTS!

These past 14 months have been tough on people up here in northern Jasper County. Mitch Daniels' CAFO offence has put a lot of us Hoosiers on the defence. We haven't had much to cheer about these past couple years since he started messing with rural Indiana.

But tonight, thanks to the Colts, we're going to savor the moment. They've brought back some Hoosier pride to this household tonight.

On a sidenote, something stranged happened just west of our house about 7:55 pm tonight during the game. That's when my husband saw the trail of fire falling from the sky. I saw it too, just before the second flare (explosion?) ...whatever it was, it looked like it vaporised before hitting the ground, just before it vanished beyond the treeline. Did anyone else catch that? Not sure if it was a meteorite, or what... ?

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