Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Storms Chasing Through Indiana

Whew! What an afternoon! Our little guy was just getting of the Kindergarten bus when the edge of the storm hit our area. Although one lightning strike hit one of the trees over our house, we luckily had no major damage.

The storm systems to the south and to the north of us in Indiana were much more brutal. Valporaiso got hit pretty hard -- check this story out in the Post Tribune.

Speaking of storms, have you heard about what's brewing on "Flyash Mountain" over at the Schuringa/DenDulk calf CAFO? I'll bring you an update soon.

Also, check out what's been happening in Delaware:
No results have been released from the unannounced inspections in March and April by the Environmental Protection Agency. The inspections have sparked concerns from state agricultural officials, including those on the Delaware Nutrient Management Commission.
Here's a link to the article.

Meanwhile, the "wheels of justice" are turning slowly on the IDEM vs. DeGroot Dairy LLC and Johannes DeGroot case. Check out more here.

In personal news, something truly incredible entered my WAHM world yesterday. Not sure where it will lead, but it could mean a remarkable change in direction for my writing career -- a small door opening on a lifelong dream. I'm still "pinchng" myself while I wait for the package to arrive.

A lot of writers out there would sell their souls for an opportunity like this ...and I gotta tell 'ya... I feel truly blessed and humbled all at the same time. I'll tell you more about it in a couple months. Can't say anything more right now.

Meanwhile, I'll be back tomorrow with one of the 5 articles I mentioned in WAHM Monday. Stay tuned and stay safe.


Kevin said...

Karen, please update on Flyash mountain"

kmyers said...

Hi Kevin. I'm still trying to validate/get confirmation for some info I received regarding "Flyash Mountain". As soon as I have it, I will be posting an update. Thanks for posting.

Pila said...

Congratulations on the turn in your writing career! I enjoy your blog. You deserve Whatever accolades and/or opportunities that have come your way.

kmyers said...

Thanks Pila. I appreciate your support. I received the "package" referred in my blog... and after a 3+ hour telephone conversation yesterday (yes - over 3 hours!!) it looks like my life-long dream is even closer to reality. I can't wait to share the news. I'll post more soon!