Monday, July 09, 2007

Farming Facts

If you've been searching for high quality AIR and WATER factsheets, you're going to love this site!

Check out the IATP

And that's just the beginning. The website above is a virtual library of information at your fingertips -- both for farmers and consumers. They've really done their homework.

For example, I clicked on: "Smart Meat and Dairy"

The short 2-page Smart Guide was both educational and helpful, providing excellent health tips for consumers.

Before your next trip to the grocery store, you might want to spend some time on this site. It will be worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Copied text here because that link will die soon.

BZA grants Fair Oaks Dairy permission to house calves

Dairy unaware there was no zoning for the 1,200 calves housed since 2001

By Tony Metheny /Staff Reporter

The Board of Zoning Appeals met last Tuesday night to discuss a Variance to Ordinance and a Special Exception. First the special exception was discussed and this pertained to the Fair Oaks Dairy LLC. The Dairy, represented by Steve Ryan during the meeting, needed a special exception to have 1,200 head of calves. Currently, they are housing about 1,200 head but it was not permitted for them to do so. The Dairy, however, did not know that they didn’t have the approval of the board and have had roughly this many calves since 2001.

Carl Ramsey, a farm manager at the site of discussion, was there to represent Fair Oaks. Ramsey again explained that without knowing they were not permitted to have such a large number of calves, they have been occupying around 1,200 head. He noted that they have had around that number of calves for about six or seven years and they just wanted to make it right with the board and do everything legally.

The boards only concerns were that the property stays as is without adding more hutches for the calves to stay in and without adding more than 1,200 head of calves. They also wanted to make sure that the animals would be properly taken care of if the Dairy were to have such a high head count of calves.

Carl Ramsey promised that the area of discussion would not change what-so-ever and that no more than about 1,200 head would occupy that space.

The BZA granted Fair Oaks to have no more than 1,200 head of calves as longs as the area remains unchanged as far as adding hutches and buildings for more calves to stay in. There is also a regulation of hutches that will be part of the boards requirements. The number of hutches in the area is not certain yet, but the Dairy will get the exact number of hutches to the board and no more than that specific number will be able to occupy that area.

For the full version of this story, see the July 4 edition of The Enterprise.