Friday, August 10, 2007

Princeton Indiana Mining Deaths

Reports aren't very clear yet, but more news is coming out regarding the 3 killed at a coal mine northwest of the city of Princeton in Gibson County, Indiana earlier today. Here are links to a few reports on the story:

Three Killed in Mine Accident in Indiana

3 killed at southern Indiana coal mine

3 Dead in Indiana Mine Accident

I'm wondering if this is the same mine that Peabody Energy Corp. was planning to use as its source for a proposed new coal-fired power plant near Central City, Kentucky ...a permit for which was recently struck down by a Kentucky Judge. (Full story)

Meanwhile, we noticed "flyash mountain" (read about it here and here) was still present a couple weeks back when we took our visitor on a tour of this region.

WHEN are they going to REMOVE that STUFF?!?

Who knows for certain how much of that arsenic has already leached into waters in this area. Sheesh!

PS: Sorry I've been absent these past couple weeks. I've had tons of writing (for clients) to catch up on after completing the pilot plus 2 partial episodes and the Treatment for a new television series. Now THAT is a HUGE project! I'll tell you more about it in November. Stay tuned.


Kevin said...

This has nothing to do with this topic, but there has been nonstop loud motor sounds coming from flyash mountain. It vibrates and can be heard for almost a mile from that cesspool. Isn't there a noise ordinance in Jasper County after 10:00p.m.? If so, what are our rights to turn them in for noise pollution. This noise goes on 24/7 and you CANNOT sleep with the windows open because it is so loud.

kmyers said...

Hi Kevin,

Your post sent me searching on Jasper County ordinances, where I bumped into this article at the Rensselaer Republican, which stated:

"Unfortunately because there is no noise ordinance from the hours of 8 a.m-10 p.m., a Jasper County resident can technically run a jet engine in their back yard during these hours."

So... in answer to your question, I'm guessing that -- yes, there is a noise ordinance that applies to noises outside of the hours indicated in the article above.

BUT in Jasper County, as many of us have been discovering, there are quite a few Restrictive Covenants that the Board in Rensselaer seem to be placing on subdivision developments throughout Jasper County, covenants which often override a property owner's rights.

For example, take a look at the Restrictive Covenants for the Fair View Farm subdivision recently filed in Jasper County for a subdivision in Union Township.


The owner understands that the following restriction is contained on the recorded Plat of this Subdivision and is not [subject] to amendment without the express approval of the Plan Commission:

"The owner of [each Lot in] the herein described real estate (Fair View Farm Subdivision), for themselves and all future owners and occupants of said real estate, or any parcel or subdivision thereof, for and in consideration of the rights to develop the real estate for other than agricultural
uses, hereby:

First, acknowledges and agrees that Fair View Farm Subdivision is in or adjacent to an area zoned
5 for agricultural uses, which uses include, but are not limited to, production of crops, animal
husbandry, land application of animal waste, the raising, breeding, and sale of livestock and
poultry, including confinement feeding operations, use of farm machinery, and sale of farm products;

Second, waives any and all objections to any such agricultural uses on any real estate zoned for such uses within two miles of any boundary of the Fair View Farm Subdivision, whether such uses currently exist, are enlarged, or changed in use in the future to another agricultural use;

Third, agrees that such agricultural uses, whether currently existing, or hereafter established, enlarged, or changed, do not constitute a nuisance so long as they are not negligently maintained, do not cause bodily injury to third parties, or directly endanger human health; and

Fourth, agrees that this covenant is for the benefit of the Jasper County Plan Commission and all persons engaged in agricultural uses within two miles of any boundary of Fair View Farm Subdivision and is enforceable by any of the foregoing."

END QUOTE (emphasis added by me).

Now, personally, I believe the above Restrictive Covenants are unconstitutional -- just my humble opinion.

That little bit about who the covenant benefits speaks volumes to me. When some claim the CAFO owners are not taking over our county, I look at that 2 mile radius clause and ask... "Want a bet?"

It's time to yank their subsidies IMHO.