Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Nothing Changes Until Something Changes

I get this awesome weekly newsletter that is a great success motivator. This week the subject was about change.
Nothing will change until something changes. What steps or changes will move you forward this week? What must you read or learn? What must you do, or stop doing? ...
After watching Ken Burns' new film about World War II, the writer went on to share a personal message;
I do not know the answer to terrorism or hate, but the horrors of war know no bounds. In this time of tension, let us pray that we might live together in peace and mutual respect.

In your community or corner of the world, reach out to your neighbors. Make your contribution. Share your life, your hope and your bounty. The future of our small planet depends upon it.
Now, after hearing rhumors about at least 2 small farms that the CAFOs moving into our area either tried to deceive and/or intimidate, I'm wondering how many more are out there -- silent -- afraid to speak up?

The first farm I heard about late last fall, the other farm I just heard about yesterday... even though the incidents happened quite some time ago.

Interestingly enough -- both implicated the Fair Oaks group of farms.

I'm wondering, how many more small farms (or residents) in the Jasper/Newton county areas have been deceived and/or received threats/intimidation from that group? Just curious (for now)...

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