Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tough Questions for 2008

It's been hectic here, what with all the freezing rain and icy roads... school delays and closures ...and Christmas baking (yummy!). This morning is the first time in over a month that I've been able to return to blogging. Did you miss me?

The pro-CAFO side are probably thinking, "Oh no! She's back!"

The anti-CAFO side are probably thinking, "Finally! She's back!"

Well, I'm probably going to disappoint both sides with today's post... because even though there's plenty to talk about on the CAFO side of bad science and politics, there's an even bigger mess going on in the financial industry -- and I gotta tell 'ya, it's not pretty.

For those not up to speed on what's been happening in sub-prime mortgages, you might be scratching your heads right now wondering -- "What's up?"

(Not our dollar, that's for sure! Have you seen the tumble it's taken?)

Take comfort in knowing there are a lot of others who DO KNOW what's going on in the sub-prime mess that are probably wondering the very same thing -- "What's up?" -- but I'm guessing they're more worried about who is being investigated and who isn't right now.

You see, the tough question is really... "Who knew what?"

This article puts things into perspective and suggests our very own Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, the brainchild behind the Gov plans for saving Aunt Millie's home, needs to be answering that very same question.

Ever since the big Enron debacle, one can't help thinking along the lines of conspiracy and fraud theories when it comes to the financial industry as a whole, but what happens to the innocent, hardworking taxpayers across America? How much deeper will they have to dig into their pockets to pay for the messes created by the profiteers hiding in their castles hosting private meetings with the drawbridge closed to all of us peasants?

There are some tough questions that need to be asked in 2008. I wonder who will have the courage to ask them?

On the lighter side, for a comical look at our "financial crisis" ...check out this video from across the ocean in the Queen's English. It might bring some laughter to the gloomy picture:

The Last Laugh - George Parr - Subprime

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