Saturday, January 12, 2008

Senate Bill 43 and more

There is a vote coming up on Monday, January 14, 2008 -- regarding Senate Bill 43. This Bill has 3 parts, according to an email I received:
1. Environmental rules are subject to automatic expiration but can be readopted with a public notice. (Good)

2. Allow solid waste management fund to provide grants and loans for technologies for conversion of solid waste into energy with priority to waste tires ("Incineration" was deleted but waste to energy is converted by burning. This section is unneeded, unjustified, and needs to be removed.)

3. Establishes procedures to prevent imposing double fees for storm water management (Good)

This is a quote from the Bill that the email sender wrote is cause for concern:
Allows use of the state solid waste management fund to provide grants and loans to promote beneficial uses of technologies for the conversion of solid waste into energy or another useful product by incineration, and gives priority to grants and loans for technologies for the conversion of waste tires.

The "conversion of solid waste into energy or another useful product by incineration" had me squirming in my chair. It leaves things wide open as to what kind of solid wastes can be burned and why they can be burned.

After all, the term "solid waste" can mean so many different things, can't it? Imagine a massive pile of ...well... say, oh-I-dunno... manure. Now, that would qualify under the term "solid waste" pretty good. Just imagine the possibilities!

Frankly, I haven't had a chance to even read the Bill. I've been SWAMPED with other things (solid and otherwise) raining down on my head this month. But I'm guessing that some large stockpilers of so-called "solid wastes" are already figurin' on how to reach into them thar' taxpayer pockets to help pay for some pretty big incineration experiments, hmmmmmm?

Do you really think vast quantities of poop would even be considered for this "incineration" clause?

Well, apparently Bob Kraft from the Farm Bureau "testified in support of SB 43 but stated that it didn't go far enough and could be applicable to fund projects for 'animal waste' to develop that technology."


The email sender sent along these comments:
Personally, we feel deceived by the language in this bill. If "animal waste" was to be included in this bill, it should have been included in the text and not hidden as it was in this bill.

This was not by accident and was supported by Senator Gard. When the environmental groups did not support Part 2 of this bill, she made the statement that "you can't have it both ways" meaning that you can't complain about manure waste and not allow it to be paid for by this fund.

We also think that with our Forbes rating of 49th out of 50 states, we cant afford to be taking any money out of this fund for other uses. We were offended to hear Farm Bureau ("Goliath") wanting to steal funds for CAFOs from the solid waste management fund ("David"). Depleting this fund will disrupt programs that are already in place and working. Part 2 needs to be taken out of this bill.

If you have a bit of spare time this weekend, you might want to take a quick look at the Bill (link), then maybe draft up an email for the Energy and Environmental Affairs Chair and Members.

For your convenience, here's a list of details and contact info:

AGENDA FOR: Energy and Environmental Affairs
MEETING: January 14, 930AM, Room 233
CHAIR: Senator Gard


AGENDA: SB 0043 SB 0046 SB 0160 SB 0178 SB 0199 SB 0200

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