Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Politics of Politics

After getting the 10th phone call in just the last 3 days asking me for my opinions on the upcoming BIG VOTE, guess I should share it with those who haven't called yet... some of the readers of this blog.

Sorry I haven't been very forthcoming on where I stand yet.

For good reasons, IMHO.

First, I've been on a journey searching for clues to the people who are vying for the hot seat, namely the oval office. I've also been trying to understand how things "work" in DC -- how do things "come together" so to speak.

And the deeper I look, the sadder I get, and the more naive I feel...

You see, if you don't know about K Street, you really don't know how things really work at that level of politics and power.

If you've never heard of, then you really don't know who is who, where they've been, and where they are now. (You might even be interested in some of the trails of breadcrumbs leading to our own Governor's doorstep.)

If you don't understand the fiat monetary system and know who the real power brokers are behind the scenes -- or the mess the so-called money-managers have managed to accumulate in just the the last dozen years or so, then you really don't know the full extent of the mess our next President will be stepping into.

If you've never seen what's really happening behind the scenes in the press or even how votes are counted, then you really haven't heard the full story on anything -- balanced or otherwise.

And if you don't know the true meaning of the word "libertarian" ...then you haven't taken the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" on the Net.

And finally, if (like me) you're just now finding out about most of this stuff, then congratulations -- welcome to the Inquiring Voters Club -- IVC for short. I'm thinking of having bumper stickers made soon.

Stay tuned.

PS: Even if you don't visit any of the links, at the very least watch the video.

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