Monday, April 21, 2008

Pop E Quiz

Quick Quiz: How many times was the word "truth" delivered in the Pope's many pre-written public addresses given during his visit to the USA?

Think it's not significant?

In my humble opinion, in this day and age, it's sometimes difficult (at times, bleeping impossible) to get to the "truth" of anything. And the closer I get to the "truth" of some things, the more I come to believe that maybe... just maybe... we're not ready for the truth.

And that's sad in so many ways...


Because it means that those who are in full possession of the "truth" are marching the rest of us down the path they've chosen for us.

This incredible country was united by a truly remarkable document known as The Constitution of the United States of America. It was quite possibly the greatest gift your ancestors bestowed upon you. Treasure it.

I wish I could say more.

I wish I could tell you the 300 reasons why it's more important today than ever before. I wish I could explain, in 13 words or less, what I've discovered... and the 3 key areas that we need to rebuild to keep this great nation strong.

The good news is -- it's not too late.

The bad news is -- I'm concerned that too many people will continue to deny the truth, even when the evidence is all around us -- in plain sight.

How sad is that?

In His first public address on the Whitehouse lawn, the Pope referenced a quote from Pope John Paul II that goes something like this: "In a world without truth, freedom loses its value."

Think about it...

'Nuff said.

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