Friday, May 09, 2008

Food Price-Fixing by the Feds?

As the price of food goes higher and higher, you ever wonder if governments (such as ours) have had a hand in it all?

I'm not outright saying they have...

But, think back to their big ethanol push with respect to corn prices. Of course, there are opponents on both sides of the aisle -- one side claiming ethanol has caused the largest increase, the other side claiming skyrocketing corn (and other grain) prices have little to do with the ethanol push, that it plays a very minor roll in the big picture.

While they're debating the issue, I'm going to take you back to another article I wrote called "bailout nation" remind you of where a good chunk of our tax dollars went recently.

In the article I hinted that the Government would probably find a way to bailout the hog industry with our tax dollars, too.

Well, guess what?

Check out this article over at entitled - "USDA to buy pork for aid programs amid hog market woes"
WICHITA, Kan. | When Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer announced the government's plan to buy up to $50 million of pork products for child nutrition and other domestic food assistance programs, it seemed to be a generous effort to help poor families struggling with high grocery tabs.

But what the Agriculture Department failed to mention in making Thursday's announcement was that the move was just what the National Pork Producers Council had urged Schafer to do two weeks earlier to reduce sow numbers — ultimately driving up pork prices for all consumers.

In my article, "Desparate Acts by Hog Producers," I had a feeling the bailout would be coming soon. Sure enough, the Feds haven't let me down. So predictable. Sheesh!

When you next consider The High Cost of Food -- think about all the price increases that have been caused, directly and/or indirectly, by Government policies and/or actions.

The price of food keeps going up, up, and up...

The price of gas keeps going up, up, and up...

Taxes keep going up, up, and up...

And, uh, we're paying them to do, err, what exactly?

Are you Fed up, yet?

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