Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Salmonella In Your Salad

First lettuce, then spinach, and now it's tomatoes that have been identified as salmonella contaminated -- and causing the latest in a long string of salmonella outbreaks over the past few years.

Read this June 3/2008 news article: Tomatoes Eyed in Salmonella Outbreak

Elsewhere on my blog I posted links to several scientific studies providing plenty of evidence that shows how plants can actually uptake salmonella (and related) during the growth cycle of the plant. Indeed, one study revealed salmonella can actually thrive and, in some instances, multiply inside the fruit or vegetable for a considerable length of time after uptake.

Not to sound like a broken record here, but jeepers creepers, has the world forgotten how to farm?

Sustainable SAFE farming practices aren't that difficult to follow.

Certain Big AG practices on the other hand appear (to me) to be rapidly deteriorating the safety of our food supply, destroying water and land in the process.

I wonder how many "outbreaks" it will take to wake them up?


Jon... is that coming from YOUR side of the trees?

I've had to keep our little boy inside or away from our home these past two days in a row. Not a great beginning to his summer vacation from school.

The amonia was so strong it was actually burning my nostrils, ...thought my eyes would bleed!! And the stench -- well -- sheesh -- it was as bad as taking a drive through Fair Oaks, maybe even a bit worse.

The air conditioner, 2 huge ionizing air purifiers, one small HEPA air purifier and the like sure had their work cut out for them on Monday. You have no idea how hard it was to pop a few flower seeds in the ground. Thankfully we spent most of the day at the library yesterday to get away from it but coming home was no picnic.

If it was an accident, please clean it up right quick.

If it's just "business as usual" and this is what we have to look forward to for the rest of the summer, heed this: "Stop trespassing on my land!"

If it wasn't you, Jon, then I apologize for singling you out... but, maybe you can tell me who it was and where it came from?

Thank you.

PS: Where do I lodge my formal written complaints?

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