Friday, November 07, 2008

Project Leper

If you missed the Glenn Beck Nov 6/2008 radio show, you might not know about "Operation Leper" that is now underway.

Here's a brief excerpt:
Project Leper is we intend to continue writing about the people on the McCain campaign who were sabotaging Sarah Palin and make them political lepers so when 2012 rolls around, they are not going to be able to work for their chosen 2012 candidate.
Three cheers to Erickson and his group over at for highlighting this and sticking up for the lady who had to face down so much just for doing her job for her party and her country.

And three cheers to Jasper County for such a large voter turnout. Results on the Presidential Election side tally up as follows:
--> 59.6% McCain/Palin (7,669 votes)
--> 39.2% Obama/Biden (5,044 votes)
--> 1.2% Other (149 votes)

I see P.E.B.O. picked former Freddie Mac director, Rahm Emmanuel, for White House Chief of Staff. His nicknames include "Rahmbo" and "Absolute Enforcer" ...and according to this recent Bloomberg story, "Barack Obama once joked at a charity dinner that when Rahm Emanuel severed his middle finger, it almost rendered him mute."

Emanuel, it is reported, once sent a dead fish to a pollster he didn't like. And according to Dick Morris (author of "Fleeced"), though Emanuel served in various positions in the White House with him, even President Clinton didn't fully trust that one.

So while the Republican campaign staff try to set Sarah Palin up as their scapegoat in order to secure work in the 2012 elections, I sit here shaking my head, wondering why they're going after people in their own party when there is so much fodder on the other side of the fence. When they can't be loyal to their own candidates, who in the heck would want them on their team?

Have ethics, values, morals... all gone by the wayside?

It's just one more reason why I am a registered Independent.

Still, I tip my hat to (and Glenn Beck) for stepping forward on this issue.


Patrick Roberts said...

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but, at this point, that may not work in her favor

kmyers said...

I'm looking forward to Greta's interview with Palin tonight to see if Greta asks her that question.

Somehow, I get the feeling Palin will not run in 2012 now that she has been able to witness (and experience first hand) how nasty many people and most media have become below the 49th parallel. Indeed, many of us living here have been stunned by the sheer visciousness of the attacks on her.

She would have to love this country a tremendous amount to throw her hat into the 2012 ring.

I'm guessing her own party won't want her to run. They're in the tank for Romney. They don't like "rising stars" in their party, unless of course, it's to use their stars at their convenience, then toss them under the bus when they're done with them. They seem to have forgotten Reagan's 11th Commandment.

I'd love to see her run as an Independent with a few other powerful Independents on board. But that would probably set her up for failure as we all know how the mass media squeezes independent voices right out of the picture.

It will be interesting...