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Nancy Pelosi - The Most Hated Woman in America?

About The Soon-To-Be Most Hated Woman in America

When the Obama Stimulus joke fails, Nancy Pelosi, also known as Nancy D'Alesandro Pelosi, current Speaker of the House, the San Francisco democrat representing California's 8th District, will then officially become the Most Hated Woman in America.

Nancy Pelosi and husband Paul (see Washington Times EXCLUSIVE: Pelosi paid husband with PAC funds - October 1, 2008) have five children, Nancy Corinne, Christine, Jacqueline, Paul, and Alexandra. Nancy was a stay-at-home mother, beginning political volunteer work when her youngest began school and elected to Congress when her youngest was a senior in high school.

In case you weren't aware, Ms. Nancy Pelosi has been working on the title of "Most Hated Woman in America" for quite some time, in many parts of the globe. And her success at being "most hated" both in and out of the beltway has been duly noted by many, as this trip down memory lane might well reveal:

Nancy Pelosi: The worst Speaker in History (October 02, 2008 - American Thinker)
Here is how she handled the most crucial vote of her term, one that will definitely go into the books and one that may well serve as a benchmark for her speakership:
  • She delayed the process in the hope of stampeding the GOP into voting her way.
  • She allowed her cronies to stuff the thing full of every variety of pork imaginable.
  • She attempted to stick in a provision handing over 2 billion to ACORN, a crypto-revolutionary nut cult.
  • She announced the bill publicly in the tones of a Caesar proclaiming victory over the Gauls. (Making Steny Hoyer and Barney Frank look like complete idiots in the process -- no great accomplishment there, granted.)
  • She used the vote itself as an opportunity to insult and inflame the opposition. (Which she was depending on to vote it through.)
  • And then she had it blow up in her face the first thing Monday, voted down by the members of her own party.

Nancy Pelosi History | A Pattern of Self Interest and Failed Leadership (from the website "Impeach Nancy Pelosi")
Nancy Pelosi wasted no time promoting her ego. Immediately following the commencement ceremony as the new speaker of the house, the California Congresswoman declared herself "the most powerful woman in America" according to a report from the Washington Times. A related article in the Times, went on to describe how Pelosi was quite full of herself at an event titled a "women's tea." "All right, let's hear it for the power," she screamed as the jubilant applause continued.

Pelosi’s Pork Ladden Congress: A Culture of Deception (Dec 19, 2007 - The Conservative Post)
When the liberal Democrats won control of the House and Senate in 2006, Bug-eyes (aka Nancy Pelosi) promised the most ethical Congress ever.... One year later, and liberal Democrats are about as far from those predictions as they can possibly get. Under Bug-eyes leadership, the Democrats have gotten essentially nothing done. They have essentially wasted the taxpayer’s dollars all year long, attempting to hijack the role of Commander and Chief, while they tried their hardest to lose the war on terror.

The libs have been grossly derelict in their responsibility to pass 13 different funding bills to ensure the government continues to function in 2008, and they have held hostage desperately needed funding for our troops fighting al Qaeda overseas.

So it comes as no surprise, as the deadline for shutting down the government looms, that the do-nothing-but-harm Pelosi congress rammed through a massive 3,500 page omnibus funding bill that contains at least 8,000 earmarks… 8,000 earmarks that Pelosi, in all of her post election hubris, vowed would never come back. Put another way, Pelosi’s most ethical congress nearly quadrupled the wasteful spending earmarks over 2007.

What is Nancy Pelosi really up to? (China/People's Daily Online - April 14, 2008)
Ms. Nancy Pelosi seems to object to whatever China does. This time, China is greeting the incoming grand event of the Beijing Olympic Games with an enthusiastic, nationwide attention, and the country is striving to run an Olympics with the highest national standards required to show achievements of the three-decade reform and opening-up that was launched in the late 1970s, and the entirely-new concepts on international cooperation and a shared glory. But the US House speaker seems quite resentful of this.

This US House Speaker reproached (the IOCC) for having given China the chance to host the Olympic Games. In her view, China still has a lot of drawbacks, so the country is not entitled to host the Olympics. But Speaker Pelosi did not think that the hosting of Beijing Olympic games represents not only the affirmation of the international community on China's three-decade reform and opening up, but also the legitimate rights and interests for a big nation with one fifth of the global population in a century since the birth of Olympic Games.

And there are many more:

There are more. I tried my best to pick the "lighter" language items; a difficult job when researching her.

It's not surprising BO dances and jumps to what Pelosi dictates, if you know anything about the "Pelosi 100" that many say helped him get where he is now:
The Money Trail: Putting on the Ritz, VIP Treatment for Big Money Democrats (Aug. 27, 2008 ABC News)
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) created the "Pelosi 100" for people "who contribute and raise $100,000 in personal funds," according to documents obtained by ABC...

Federal election laws permit individuals to contribute a maximum of $2,300 per candidate but contributors say the Democrats show how to work around the limit.

"They present us an entire menu and it can involve a million dollars or more spread around various candidates and committees around the country," said one wealthy lawyer who did not want his name used for fear he would be cut off from the VIP program.

In case you also didn't know, Nancy Pelosi's father, Thomas D'Alesandro, Jr., was a Roosevelt Democrat and three-term mayor of Baltimore, the first Italian American to hold that office.

It comes as no surprise then, that the so-called Stimulus Plan Pelosi and her cronies crafted, and then crammed through Congress, runs so parallel to the Roosevelt "New Deal" that most historians agree lengthened and deepened the Great Depression here in the USA.
As economist Henry Hazlitt wrote back in 1946, New Deal programs prevented the creation of the types of jobs which have the multiplier effect of successful businesses. Creating "work" prevented innovation and new jobs that would create other jobs. [link]

The Parallels Between BO and FDR
Believing that government played a key role in restarting growth, FDR, within his first 100 days as president, created an alphabet soup of new agencies that mandated actions or controlled public spending and impacted private capital flow within the U.S. economy. (The parallels between BO and FDR don't end there. Click here for more.)

Like FDR, both BO and Pelosi seem to truly believe they are doing the right thing with this so-called Stimulus Bill (or Recovery Bill, or Relief Bill, or whatever other sugar-coated name they wish to call it in the months ahead).

The truly frightening aspect in this case is that, while both believe they are doing what is best for this country, this time we happen to already be under a mountain of debt... unlike when FDR first stepped into office.

We don't have the luxury of being debt-free this time around.

If we end up with near 25% unemployment by the end of this year (BO's first year in office) like in FDR's first year -- get ready for something far worse than a mere repeat of the Great Depression.

If there is one thing you can draw from history, a lesson not learned is doomed to be repeated... and the more often the lessons need to be repeated, the harder the lessons become.

Mark my words, we all will be shaking in our boots if that 25% unemployment figure draws too close from this point forward.

And I truly believe it will... and that breaks my heart because I care so very very much for this beautiful, awesome country. I hate seeing it brought to its knees from within. When we lose our triple AAA rating... *shudder* ...I can't even...

Note -- I said when -- not if...

When the USA was Under Dictatorship Rule

I'm wondering if the NRA membership drive will roll out next.

No, I'm not talking about the National Rifle Association. I'm talking about Roosevelt's preposterous National Industrial Recovery Act (NRA) that buried the USA, preventing a vast majority of the country's businesses from being anywhere near competitive in markets, and which included exemptions for price-fixing (antitrust laws).
Touted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as "the most important and far-reaching ever enacted by the American Congress," the National (Industrial) Recovery Act (NRA) was passed by Congress on June 16, 1933. That New Deal law was designed to promote recovery and reform, encourage collective bargaining for unions, set up maximum work hours (and sometimes prices) and minimum wages, and forbid child labor in industry.

For a short time, Title I of the famous NRA prescribed the drafting and establishment of a code system of fair competition for every sort of industry. Those codes had the force of law and were exempt from antitrust provisions. [link]

Companies that refused to sign on could not buy nor sell their wares and services to the Government. (Hmmmmm... sounding like the salary cap thing buried somewhere after page 800 in the Stimulus Bill?)

Since it appears that our new "wet behind the ears" President BO, takes his cue from Pelosi's group, handing financial powers in the Trillions of dollars to them while claiming to foster bipartisanship through his other hand, those who voted for him are about to see how CHANGE can go horrendously wrong when leaders care more about themselves and their own ideals, image and adulation, than they do about their Country and the people whom they serve.

Why should BO care?

BO will still get his entitlements, as will Pelosi, long after they are gone from the beltway.

The real question remaining is, will BO earn himself the title of "The Most Hated Man In America" by the time he is done with us all?

He's managed to earn that title within certain groups already when he carelessly commanded that the bombing of the USA Cole trials be stopped.

He further angered sectors of the public with his "I won" rhetoric... although I'm guessing, many of those sectors already harbored a certain amount of dislike toward him. Since gaining office, he seems to go out of his way on more than 4 occasions to jab at them, insult them and poke fun of them whenever he gets a photo op chance. And he calls that bipartisanship... drawing the country together... WTF? Is he trying to guilt them into agreeing with him? If he is, then his messiah complex runs far deeper than even he realizes.

It's too late to do anything now. BO will sign the Bill. All the rest of us can do now is duck and run for cover. Save your cash. Save all you can. You're oh so going to need it.

I predict the DOW will fall to about 6500 points before making a brief rally that will appear like we're in recovery, before it slides off a cliff crashing down to about 4800... possibly even as low as 3800.

If you think a small percentage of the population needs help now, just wait until you see how many will be needing a rescue about 6 to 9 years from now -- if we make it that far as a country.

For the record, I am NOT, nor will I ever be a registered Republican.

And no, I am NOT, nor will I ever be a registered Democrat.

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