Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mother's Day - Help! Help!

Okay... everything was going fine, until I hear the call from outside...

Help! Help! Help me! Help!

My little boy in trouble again?

Out the house I dash, and I'm greeted by this picture:

Somehow he had managed to get up on the propane tank (wearing only his t-shirt, by the way) and on trying to slide off, got hung up by the back of his shirt.

Yes, of course I was concerned. And yet, can any mother resist getting a picture of this for the keepsake scrapbook? To be honest, neither my husband nor I could resist laughing. It was really a comical site. I snapped the pic just before his Dad showed up to help him down.

All part of the joys working full time from home.

This one will be fun to share with his future girlfriends. hehehe

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