Saturday, March 19, 2005

Oh My GOSH - Who Knew They Hid So Much?

Oh my GOSH!

Last week I was hired to write the "Medical Report - What Doctor's Won't Tell You" ...and the more research I did for the document, the more sickened I became.

The cover-ups and borderline lies being created for some drugs on the market would make you absolutely SICK ... if you knew about them.

But there's the problem --- millions upon millions of people have absolutely no clue.

And here's worse news.

Millions of doctors also have no clue --- and it's not their fault!

I'm still trying to melt down the information (and believe me, there's TONS of it) to pull together a sharp, consice, accurate report that GojiTeam can hand out to their visitors --- and the hardest part about this project is all the information I have to leave out because of space limitations. This entire "hot bed" of information really deserves an entire BOOK on the subject.

Maybe I'll keep all the notes I've compiled, and who knows... I may have one of the most shocking books the world has ever seen another year from now.

If you want a copy of this shocking report, register at GojiTeam and look for the Medical Report request box. It's well worth reading if you or a loved one is taking any type of medication!

That's it for now. Stay tuned. I have more SHOCKING details to bring you on this subject.

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