Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How Would You Like To Make Money Writing?

Can you make a living through writing?

I remember the scene with my mother so well. We were standing in her kitchen when I told her in my 14 year old "wise" voice ... "Mom. I want to be a writer."

Keep in mind, 14 years old was a tough age for some girls in those days. It was the "in between stage" ... not quite old enough for dating and boys ... not young enough to be content playing with dolls, watching cartoons, or whatever else younger children did to amuse themselves back then.

The dramatic reaction my mother had to the statement can only be described as horified.

She whipped around from putting groceries in the fridge and stated emphatically, "You don't want to do that! Writers NEVER make any money! You'll be starving broke all your life."

Gee. Thanks Mom.

So I followed my parents plan for me. I entered into the Accounting field like a good little girl. Since my math marks in school were so high, they figured this would be the best move for me, that I'd make my fortunes on the path of analyzing historical numbers for various companies in stale office environments with little to no stimulation for that creative right-brain that kept complaining to me every night I fell in bed.

Was I passionate about accounting? Absolutely not.

Did I make good money in it? Definitely not.

I suppose I could have, if I were passionate about it and followed the course past the 4th level CGA program and graduated in a field where the money was flowing well, but I switched to the purchasing field where more of my right-brain thinking could be put into play.

Now, here it is, 30 years since that fateful conversation with my Mom, and I'm having my first $10 Grand month ...with many more ahead for me... and earning most of it how? WRITING!

And here's an interesting point.

I'm also looking for an apprentice, because I have so much work lined up that I can't even keep up with it all ... writing clients have been lining up at the door, and I'm even having trouble keeping up with the demand for my small home business that I built from scratch a little over 12 months ago.

Thank the lucky stars for Goji Juice. I wouldn't be able to keep up with all the demands without that sweet nectar pulling me through the 10 to 14 hour days. It takes a great deal of energy to produce killer copy for some of my clients ...and very little effort for other clients... and yet, I'm LOVING every minute of it, doing what I've had a passion for all my life.

Can you make money writing? Contrary to what my Mom believed way back then - YES!

Is there a writer hiding inside you?

Contact me. Who knows where it can lead...

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There's a good reason they call it the "happy juice" ...and it sure helps make the words flow!

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