Saturday, March 05, 2005

4 Year Olds And Their Imagination

Ever since the tornado blew through our front yard and whipped away a bunch of our little guy's toys, I've been trying to help him with the dreams he's been having.

Last night he shared a bad dream with me...

"Mommy, you and Daddy were both gone. And the car was gone and the truck was gone, and I woke up alone....

I woke up and ran downstairs but you weren't there ... and neither was Daddy.

So I runned back upstairs and looked out the window and there was the big tornado right where the truck and car was 'spose to be, and stuff was flying all around... and then the mean blue lady came up the stairs and she was carrying the bad flowers --- the flowers that eat you ... and I was so scared."

Now, I know where he got the tornado idea...

But the blue lady?

And the flowers that eat you?

He continued with, "Mommy, you always have good dreams. I like your dreams. But me and Daddy always have bad dreams."

To which I answered, "Well, I have good dreams because I put good thoughts in my head and I think of nice things, and nice people, and how beautiful the world is."

"You sure have a good 'magination, Mommy."

Okay... not much I could say on that point.

Keep smiling and have a super day!

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