Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No-Brainer Ways To Make M-o-n-e-y Fast

Fourteen months ago they laughed at me when I said I'd be making almost $10G per month ...they're not laughing now. Even my banker is raising her eyebrows wonder...

Now they're all haunting me with questions on how the heck I did it. What do you need to do it?

The first thing I tell them is - you need patience.

The second thing you need - focus.

The third, and probably most important, you need - passion.

Missing any single one of the above ingredients, forget it. Walk away now because frankly, your odds of doing what I did are slim to none... and I'm not saying it because I'm great or have any super sizzling skills (although some say my copy is pretty good).

For example, here's a no-brainer way of making money that I taught someone else just a few weeks ago and she's already on her way to getting her first $1,000 check.

Take a good company with a super hot sizzle product like goji juice.

Sign up as an M.E. and purchase 5 cases of the juice.

Keep 2 cases for your personal use... hand out single bottles from the other 3 cases to every single person you know, both potential business builders AND potential customers.

Follow up with every single person you gave a bottle to within 2 to 3 days.

Those who like the juice, give two options:

- Either sign up as a customer on autoship to get 2 to 4 bottles a month coming to your home.

- Or if you want to make money, sign up like I did with 5 cases and do exactly what I did for you.

Because the juice tastes absolutely awesome, you'll find you get a fairly high percentage of customers and/or M.E.s going for it. When they start noticing the changes in their bodies, you'll probably see a lot of them ordering a whole lot more than just the 1 case (4 bottles) they need to qualify for income each month... and/or the standing order for 2 bottles or 1 case per month... but that's a whole other story.

Let's say within one week, 3 people sign up as MEs buying 5 cases each... here's what your income looks like so far;

You earned $80 from your own purchase of 5 cases, you earned $60 Fast Start Bonus for your 3 new ME's purchases... bringing you a grand total so far of $140 add in your customer income ($20/case)... and all you did is give out 12 bottles of juice. (Oh, and by the way, your 3 new MEs just made $80 each, too.)

Now... help your 3 new MEs do the same... and let's say each of them find 3 new MEs the next week.

Here's what things are looking like for you now: For just ONE of your new MEs add another $90 in Fast Start bonus income to your $140 and you have $230 for a couple hours work.... oh, and don't forget the percentage for all customer sales ($20/case) and a boost in point volume which qualified you for the first advancement bonus $150 ... add that on too.

So if you were successful helping all 3 of your 3 MEs get their 3, you have at the least, $410 coming in... probably more from straight customer sales, plus a small income over-ride for 4 of each of their cases. If as a team, you and your team did it in one week, that's a pretty good start, right?

Now, here's where things get interesting...

Picture them helping their 3 MEs get their 3... you're already getting $410, and since the fast start goes 5 levels deep and you get $10 Fast Start for each and every one of the new MEs ... let's do the math: 9 x 3 x $10 = $270 ... add that to your $410 and you get ... $680 + retail commissions, + plus retail commission overrides ...

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, now you've qualified to receive your next level advancement bonus, so add another $300... and what have you got? A total of $980 + retail commissions + retail commission overrides.

Let's say a few people say they don't want goji juice... great! Ask them for the empty bottle back. Send the empty bottles back for a full refund, deduct the income you would have received for those empties ($20 for every 4 bottles you return), and you've still got a fair chunk of change coming.

Let's take it one step further... your new MEs give you back one bottle when their order comes in... now you have more bottles to give away and repeat the whole process without adding one penny of extra cost to your bottom line.

Does it always happen this fast?

No. Sometimes it happens slower... Sometimes it happens faster... and that's exactly where patience, focus and passion come into play.

Let's face it, when you have a good product with a solid company like the goji juice company I'm referring to, over time the income just keeps adding up --- 5 levels deep on the fast start bonuses mentioned above and 10 levels deep on standard trimax commissions. The longer you do it, the more you help people you introduce it to, and the stronger your overall support and dedication to your business... the more you make.

It's not a lottery - not get rich quick (for most) - totally legitimate (the product is incredible) - and frankly, a no-brainer for almost everyone and anyone if they have:

- patience,
- focus,
- and above all ... PASSION.

14 months ago, my husband and I were worried about losing our house, had run out of gas to heat our home, had an expensive 4-year-old little boy to worry about, and had maxed out every single credit card owing to the injury my husband got on the job which resulted in absolutely no income coming into our home - no unemployment benefits - no disability pay - no welfare support - nothing.

I turned it completely around within 14 months.

Not everyone can do what I do... but just about anyone can do what I taught the lady I'm referring to in the above example.

It's a no-brainer, really.

But a lot depends on how bad you want to make things happen for you.

Stay tuned... I'll be back with more different no-brainer ways to make m-o-n-e-y next time.

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