Thursday, August 25, 2005

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

I can't believe how fast time is flying by!!!

It's already 2 weeks since our return from our California trip, and we're building up for our Bahama trip --- but I've been so buried since we got back I haven't even had time to pop in here and blog.

Ten things I learned on our trip:

1. The elevator ride in California Adventures theme park is definitely not my "cup of tea."

2. My 5 year-old son likes rollercoaster rides a WHOLE LOT more than me!!

3. The Hyatt Regency where we stayed charges almost $100.00 per meal (even if it's just breakfast) so you're better off renting a car and going somewhere else for dinner ;-)

4. Most people in California seem really OPEN to starting a home based business fact, many were EAGER to learn more.

5. Taxi's charge a fortune over there.

6. Emily, the babysitter we had during the days we were in Convention meetings was absolutely wonderful... and our son really enjoyed his time with her. She is in nursing college right now and we have a small surprise gift going her way.

7. They've got some really strange specialty pizza places over there in CA.

8. Enterprise was a bit more expensive, but their service was outstanding! I'd rent a car from them again in a heartbeat!

9. Don't let your kids drink from the water fountains at Disney on a hot day. Our little guy loves them, and also ended up sick the following day... and we trace it to the public water fountains.

10. If you do go to Disney, learn about the free FastPass for the rides on your first day, not near the end of your stay.

Yes, of course there's more... but I thought 10 was a good start. *GRIN*


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