Saturday, August 27, 2005

Standing Out From The Crowd

In a recent edition of the eNewsletter Journal, I read a survey question that went as follows:

"Get to the Head of the Writing Class

I write and edit for businesses to help their marketing and sales efforts. It’s frustrating because everywhere I go I see others who are doing the same thing. Since many businesses provide a unique selling proposition along with their list of accomplishments, I thought it would help me to do the same. I’ve been struggling to do this. Yet I do make it clear that I am reliable in meeting deadlines. How does a writer stand out from the competition?

— Jane, Freelance Writer"

Here's My Response To Jane...

In my years writing for business clients, there is one thing they all have in common... they all want me to improve their bottom line in profits and/or new customer acquisition. Conversions mean more to almost all of them than meeting deadlines.

I specialize in "relationship marketing" ...converting first-time visitors into "warm market" prospects, and in some projects take it one step further right up to closing the sale by writing their; online presentation brochures, follow-up autoresponder sets, giveaway lead-capture whitepapers (or similar items), serious spam filter washing of all written e-mail materials, and more.

I thoroughly educate each client in the value of the finished materials they receive from me, and in some cases even reveal the hidden "conversion triggers" I've built into some of my work.

Yes, I could tell them that "I write and edit for businesses to help their marketing and sales efforts." After all, like you, in essence that is what I do. But, that won't get me the ton of referrals I have pouring in on a regular basis.

To stand out from the competition I recommend you focus your USP on how you help improve their bottom-line as well as educate your own clients on the tremendous value they are receiving. In my experience, if you are good at what you do, and more importantly your clients KNOW it, you will receive plenty of referrals as well as stand out from the competition.

Hope this helps.

Karen, Freelance Writer
"Conversions With Integrity"
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