Monday, November 21, 2005

Sickening Realities - Factory Farming

Have you seen any of these online flash movies yet?

- The Meatrix

- Playing Games With Public Health

- StoreWars

Our son wanted to watch all of them, over and over and over again.

I swear he's going to be one of the most highly educated little kindergarten students in the whole USA regarding the subject of factory farming by the time he goes to school next fall.

The big question is, will he be going to school in this area?

If the hog factory farm less than a half mile away goes into full operation and is allowed to contaminate our area with its waste, fumes and related damages -- the answer is a definite -- NO!!

In fact, the state of Indiana will lose two tax payers, and a third soon-to-be taxpayer (our son) soon after that factory goes into full production -- if it does make it that far. I'm thinking surely there is a State in the USA that would welcome 6-figure income earners into their area and that DOESN'T allow this type of farm anywhere near protected wildlife areas and protesting citizens -- isn't there?

Hmmm... maybe not.

The good news is, working full time from home, we can pretty much work from anywhere providing we have Internet access and our computers...

The sad news is, we really like our home -- love the wildlife around here -- love our neighbors and family in this area. What a sad position to be placed in owing to uncaring public officials and thoughtless -- cold-hearted, in my opinion -- factory farm owners.

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Anonymous said...

Karen, we are with you on this one. we are fighting it in Jackson Co. We live about 400 yards from the site. I designed and built our home. My new motto: "I will not build another home in Jackson Co."

kmyers said...

I visited your site. It's outrageous what they're doing and how they're doing it. It sounds like this "sneaking in behind our backs" is common practice among hog factory owners?? They pulled a few shady actions in our area, too. Good luck with your fight. We're all stand behind you on your fight too!