Monday, November 28, 2005

USA Ranks Number 1 in the World for Deaths by Combined Immunodeficiencies

You know the biggest part of writing for a living is the tremendous amount of research you have to do on topics before you even put the first word down on paper.

Here's an interesting -- rather startling -- statistic I uncovered over the weekend while researching for a project I've taken on from a new client:

The USA ranks FIRST in the World for deaths by combined immunodeficiencies!

Imagine that! Here we are, supposedly the leading so-called "super power" and what some have called one of the leading nations in health technology and health sciences -- and yet, we lead the way in deaths by combined immunodeficiencies?

I mean it's nice to be #1 now and then, but for THIS?!

We'll soon be leading the way in a number of other things, too. Including contamination of water, land and air -- plus in destruction of wildlife habitat -- plus in creating new strains of bacteria, flus and incurable diseases -- through the massive amount of factory farms springing up all over the country.

Yes -- E. coli and salmonella in our waters, soils -- and even our fruits and vegetables now.

Check it out for yourself -- here -- and here.

"The CDC estimates that 76 million Americans get sick and 5,000 die from foodborne hazards each year."

And it's been linked directly to manure spreading/spraying from factory farms.

You would be absolutely stunned to know how many people might have already died because of the factory-style farming methods being pushed by governments and greedy corporations today... and I doubt scientists have even begun to find all the links yet.

It's too bad our government, and even the CDC, isn't taking a more active and URGENT role in investigating the hazards already flowing through our food chain. I wonder how many people have to die before they do?

Instead, the research has been left to a handful of concerned citizen groups and independent health groups and scientists scattered throughout the world.

Which side of the "fence" will you be on?

Will you be on the side that is taking action and doing something about it?

Or will you be one of the people who ignores it?

You do have a choice.

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