Wednesday, April 26, 2006

People willing to pay more for food safety

Speaking of the "issues" that concern me (from my previous post), it appears a large percent of population agrees in part to the public health/environment concerns I mentioned -- or at least they agree to those concerns that relate to food safety, according to one survey published recently.

Survey results showed people would be willing to add 5% to their food bill if foodborne illnesses could be cut by 50% --- if they only realized how much foodborne illnesses increase via factory farming methods...

The Chron's disease issue as it relates to dairy farming/milk parasites being explored in Europe right now is a powerful example, particularly in how those parasites are NOT killed by standard pasteurization metods... but that's another story.

Since Chron's Disease is not a mandatory CDC reportable disease here in the USA (it's voluntary), I guess we'll never know how much those parasites are contaminating our water supply in concentrated areas around dairy farms. It's already been proven in the UN that far more expensive filtration systems are required to eliminate those parasites from public water supplies... an expense most counties in Indiana would not be able to bare, from what I hear.

I'm guessing most of that kind of information hasn't hit mainstream media enough to fully educate the public -- yet. Maybe the Meatrix II will stir up more attention for what happens on factory farms?

Interestingly, about 38% of those surveyed identified the federal government most as the group they expect to keep food safe -- and oddly a full 88% said they think government agencies such as the FDA and the USDA are capable of keeping food safe.

And yet... only 49% say they feel the government has enough resources to do the job properly.

"The survey, by the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University (MSU), takes the pulse of a pubic at a time when regulatory action is focused on increasing the safety of the food chain. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Food Safety Policy Center." Source - FoodQualityNews

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