Thursday, April 27, 2006

USA Food Fight!

Have you read "USA Food Fight" yet?

Take a close look at how food industry giants are using their collective clout to get their own way.

Who pays in the end?

You -- and me!

Imagine the tax dollars that will be required to get current state food safety laws back on the books if this new brain-dead legislation passes -- at Federal level for the FDA personell required to process state requests, at state level for personell required to re-instate laws that are currently already in place, but which will be wiped out by this new federal legislation.


Doll5272 said...

Thank you for sharing the article "USA Food Fight" I truley appreicate it! Love your blog too Wish you much success!

kmyers said...

You're welcome, Angie. And my thanks to you for stopping in and leaving your comment. I appreciate your communication and hope to see you again. Have a super month!