Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dairy market stagnent, yet more Dairy CAFOs coming?

Get this -- according to the USDA, dairy market growth has remained fairly stagnent, increasing by only 0.4 per cent annually since 1995.

"As the market continues to shift there is limited potential for growth in the demand for dairy products as a whole," according to a new USDA report. "The biggest shift in the demand for dairy products has been from retail sales to restaurant and processors – which now account for the majority of the market."

3.7 per cent of US dairy farms supply roughly half of the country's milk!

Now, let's take a look at the proliferation of LARGE CAFO dairy farms swarming into Indiana ...and you really gotta wonder what the economic forecast is. And the pork industry isn't much brighter.

The BIG QUESTION is, how many upper-middle-income, and upper income tax payers will be leaving the State of Indiana looking elsewhere for a nice rural place to live - far away from the proliferation of CAFOs?

Our income tax bill for last year was larger than what most people earn in an entire year.

Now, maybe just us leaving the State won't really have much impact.

But, how many others like us will be left in Jasper County, hmmmm?

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