Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fresh Water Drying Up?

Found this "sick waters map" and website produced by the Sierra Club. The mouseover action to learn more about the number of threatened water bodies in the USA is an educational adventure, and tells a compelling story about why we should all care about the CAFO issue.

In Kemplog's "Local CAFO Talk" I was drawn more to the story he wrote about that appeared in the Toledo Blade referencing areas outside Indiana. Why? Because being from Canada originally, the reference to the Walkerton disaster was something that not only hit me on a personal level, but also a story that (funny enough) I didn't hear much about in the Canadian press I frequently review.

After searching, I did find these stories:

Canadian Press Story - Incompetence, ignorance, Tory ideology key to E. coli disaster

National Union of Public and General Employees (derived from CP) - Walkerton inquiry urges major drinking water reforms

Hamilton Inspector - POST-WALKERTON PROGRESS LEFT WANTING June 9, 2003

And I did find a few blog items on the subject about the Walkerton incident fallout. This one was interesting:

Pollinatrix - Grim and Ironic

And, in addition to the Grace website, here's another website that can save you time if you're fighting a CAFO with some great links to additional resources and studies:


On another much more cheerful note... our son started his first day/year of school last week. Talk about a wild mix of emotions for me when I saw him get off the bus, a little kindergarten student. I'll be posting pictures next week. Stay tuned!

All parents who cried when their first child started school, raise your hands. *raising mine*

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