Friday, June 01, 2007

Dan Bartlett Leaves White House Too

You may not know who Dan Bartlett is... Briefly, he's been described as one of President Bush's most trusted advisers and his longest-serving aide, as well as "someone who has Bush's ear."

The big story on the news wires today is about Dan Bartlett's resignation, effective for around July 4th of this year.

The blog "" have an interesting collection of public appearances/press releases referencing Dan Bartlett. Paints and interesting picture.

One of the news stories that caught my eye regarding Dan's resignation was published by Swiss Info in which they write:
Bartlett, who said he had been pondering his departure for months, started working for Bush in October 1993 in the future president's first race for Texas governor. One of his first communications crises was to handle the fallout when Bush accidentally shot an endangered bird on a hunting trip. (link)

Accidentally? Kind of makes a person wonder if the man knows what he's shooting at when he makes his decisions, in my humble opinion.

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John said...

Ah yes, he handled the whole "shooting endangered species" bit. I'm sure that was one of his more crucial roles. Seriously though, seeing was very heartening...Gonzalez soon maybe?