Monday, June 04, 2007

Powering Up Northern Indiana

Not sure if you heard about the potential sale of NIPSCO here in Northern Indiana. According to Associated Press (May 30/2007) ...the sale is off. (see link)

Many people here in Northern Indiana are unaware of what has happened in other States where deregulation of power has led to exhorbitant rate increases, hurting small to medium sized business and residential comsumers alike. In some cases, power bills more than tripled in size overnight.

We were lucky to not have experienced the same kind of drastic rate hikes.

But that doesn't mean we couldn't see our electric bills go up -- FAST -- and without much warning...

Now, more than ever, it's important to keep a tight reign on expenditures and debt load at our Jasper County REMC. Leonard Richardson mentioned just a few points where cut backs could result in powerful savings, for example, Directors of our REMC are Independent Contractors – they are not employees - and yet, they:

- are entitled to free health insurance – costing REMC over $5,000 per year per director

- are entitled to family health insurance – costing REMC over $8,500 per year per director

- get 4 all expense paid trips including Las Vegas for directors and their spouse –costing REMC thousands of dollars

Think about it. These perks are all funded by your utility bill, for a PART TIME JOB!

Leonard Richardson has refused to attend anything but in-state meetings. He has limited his spending, makes his wife pay her own way, and they have both refused REMC paid health insurance. He stood alone against the current policy that gives large power, like the Dairy on SR 14, free installation.

He's worked very hard for all of us to keep our electric bills low.

He could use our support at the upcoming Annual Meeting Tuesday, June 12th, at the Jasper County Fairgrounds. Bring the GREEN card they sent you in the mail or call the REMC office for a replacement.


Anonymous said...

leonard lost as will his wife

Anonymous said...

NO. The REMC members lost.