Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Stunning Silence on GM Recalls

The airwaves were burning up during the Toyota recalls... and yet, when "GM Recalls 1.3 Million Cars" the silence is almost deafening by comparison. Not total silence. A blurb here... another small mention (video/bloomberg -- you'll love the way Toyota was blamed for the malfunctioning part used by GM) here... so the word is out...

Quoted from Daily Finance:

According to The Washington Post, GM will recall 1.3 million compact cars to replace a motor in the power steering system. When the motor fails, the car becomes harder to steer at lower speeds, according to GM. The affected models are:

•The 2005-10 Chevrolet Cobalt;
•The 2007-10 Pontiac G5, which has been discontinued;
•The 2005-06 Pontiac Pursuit, which is the Canadian version of the G5; and
•The 2004-05 Pontiac G4, which is the Mexican version of the G5.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began its own probe of 905,000 Cobalts after getting more than 1,100 complaints about a loss of power steering -- including 14 crashes and one injury.
The Daily Finance article goes on to note that uncontrolled acceleration is "Not Just a Toyota Problem" ...Ford is also mentioned.

Just for the heck of it, I'm going to tick Robert off by suggesting the negative publicity for GM would probably not be in the best interests of the current Administration. Could this be the reason for so little reporting on this massive recall? Just kidding... LOL!! But Rob seems to love painting me as some kind of nutjob conspiracy theorist... so I'd hate to disappoint him.

In all seriousness, vehicular safety is no laughing matter. Even though the flawed vehicles were a relatively small portion of overall sales for any of the manufacturers mentioned, Daily Finance is right to point out that "...human emotion does not care about statistics."

To be fair, Toyota is recalling 8 million vehicles, whereas this GM recall numbers only 1.3 million... there was a time when a recall number in the thousands would get attention... but I guess the times have changed.

Even soo... personally... I am rather curious to see how much longer the media hammers on Toyota... and whether or not they'll even pick up on the GM recall story to hammer it with equal passion and enthusiasm. I'm guessing it won't happen with equal vigor until some politician or other wants some face time in front of the cameras... and I'm guessing that person will not be a Democrat. (That last part was added for you, Rob.)

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