Monday, March 22, 2010

Take Cover: Here It Comes

In the previous 48 hours I've watched more than 18 hours of CSPAN. How about you? Did you want to bear witness to what was actually taking place -- live -- while it happened -- or did you opt to get your information via sound bites, pundits and blogs?

The Dems had a few things right:

1. It was an historic vote, but not for the reasons they gave.

2. It is a bad bill, as many have admitted, which is the reason for the massive ammendments yet to be placed before the Senate.

3. It will provide access to health care insurance for some of the uninsured (not all) but at huge costs to States, businesses and individual tax payers.

You see, the Bill will not only penalize businesses who do not offer a government approved level of health care to workers, it will also penalize individuals who do not have health care... businesses are mandated to offer it, individuals are madated to purchase it... see a flaw in this? Let's see if the "experts" find it.

Here are 3 points they did NOT want to emphasize:

1. It adds 17,000 NEW IRS Agents to the Fed payroll to police the new Bill.

2. It adds 20 NEW TAXES

3. The States are now on the hook for Medicaid expansion included in the Bill... whether they can afford it or not.

One of those new taxes is a tax on investment income. I haven't had a chance to read the CBO scored Bill yet, so I'm wondering... this tax on investment income... surely wouldn't be retirement investment income... would it? Or is it merely penalizing those who have saved their money over the years by investing it, prudently preparing themselves for their childrens' future education, or their retirement, or.... fill in the blank... ?? Is ownership of property considered an investment under the definition? What is this new tax... exactly?

Hmmm... 20 new taxes... aren't you wondering what they are?

At this point, I guess it doesn't really matter. They passed the Bill. Two hundred and nineteen Democratic House Reps voted in favor... 212 House Reps voted against the Bill. A party-like atmosphere seemed to erupt for those 219 Democrats. I wonder if their constituents are partying it up with them back home?

Doesn't matter.

It passed.

We're all screwed now...

So, let's go back to what I was warning everyone about, have been warning for the past 18 months... by starting with an article published in "the Atalantic" this month.


It will take about 30 minutes to read through. And although I disagree with the author's personal unsupported contention that what is now needed is even more Government spending, which is the core cause of the crisis we now face, the remainder of the article is well researched.

Take 30 minutes to read this now: "How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America"

Go ahead... read it... I'll wait.

Now, a quote from the article: "A large and long-standing body of research shows that physical health tends to deteriorate during unemployment, most likely through a combination of fewer financial resources and a higher stress level."

Now, go back and read my blog post from yesterday.

We have work to do if we are to prepare ourselves for what is now coming from this tax and spend Administration. I want you, dear readers, to be prepared for the lost decade in which we now find ourselves. We can choose to curl up and hide under our blankets hoping our Government will save us from the tough times ahead... or we can ignore them (like they apparently ignore us), roll up our sleeves and get ready to think our way out of this box they're squishing us into.

I have some ideas...

Stay tuned.

PS: Thank you for listening, Mr. Mike Pence. And thank you for standing up and letting them know how many of us feel here in Indiana.

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