Sunday, October 02, 2005

Imagine My Stunned Surprise...

I found this by accident while surfing through search engines - 90 Great Comments List Guidelines

When it comes to blogging, I have so much to learn ...I'm humbled by the knowledge of so many experienced in this medium. So, I tend to surf, and every now and then I leave a comment behind when a blog hits me.

Usually, my comments are short and sweet... until recently when, after reading one blogger's post regarding responsibility, I just felt like wrapping my arms around America and giving it a giant hug and a kind, gentle, loving pat on the back.

Imagine my surprise when my comment got noticed, and unbeknown to me until tonight while doing random searches, it appeared on the GlitteringMuse as an intro to their "90 Great Comments List Guidelines" ...what a wonderful way for them to share and contribute to the blogging world.

Thank you, GlitteringMuse have given me a "virtual hug" tonight.

In some small way, I hope my post here helps raise awareness for the wonderful good you are doing through your blog.

And to all readers who happen to pop in, check out the "90 Great Comments List" thread and lend your support to something uplifting, encouraging and inspiring.


garnet said...

Karen, I'm so glad you found the comment post. I had just begun the contest, and yours was the first. I hadn't yet realized how important it is to notify the commenter of their "fame".

Your comment was THE one that inspired the whole thing!! So you had more influence than you may know.

Thank you also for posting about it. I dont' know if others bloggers don't have great comments to submit, or if they just aren't interested, but I'm having trouble getting this off the ground. We'll see, I'm going to keep plugging at it for another week.

kmyers said...

Thank you garnet...

I think what you are doing is absolutely wonderful in the spirit of friendship and community that can be encouraged for bloggers everywhere.

And it really is a special compliment when a commenter "gets noticed" ...I truly hope other bloggers will join in the spirit and fun of what you have started, and notice and honor commentors who have posted to their blogs, too, through your "Greatest Comments" blog-event.

Way to go on creating something wonderful!