Saturday, October 01, 2005

Where's the Glicken?

Part 1 - Section 6 - by Michael Masterson taught me something valuable that I've been missing in my copywriting career up to this point -- "Where's The Glicken?" -- a short little question that is going to change my mindset on all future projects.

In fact, it shines a very bright revealing light on an existing client or two who have, up until this point, been taking advantage of me -- BIG TIME.

But that's another story...

Right now, I'm pulling my hair out to complete a HUGE project that should never have been so huge ... it just grew into a huge battle because it's like pulling teeth to get all the data I should have been given to write the job -- data I can't get by doing a search online or offline because it's company-specific details (such as - how much does your dang widget cost? - kinda need that to do an order form, d'uh).

Even worse, their "story" keeps changing...

First, they want to sound this way. The next week, they decided they want to be portrayed that way. The following week, they decided they don't want anyone to know about "this-and-that" ... but they now want potential customers to see them as "the other thing" instead.

As of Oct. 1, 2005 (that's today) my price went up to $150/hr. with a minimum of $2,500 per job... or I just don't accept/consider the job. Prior to today, my "street" rate this year was $85 per hour with no minimum. I retain copyrights to my work UNLESS a mutually-agreed royalty fee becomes part of the job... this hasn't changed.

Also, once every 3 months I spend two to three days working for a non-profit organization for which I don't charge a cent ...that means 4 times/year a non-profit organization has been getting anywhere from $1,600 to $2,400 in my writing services FREE -- total annual charity donation based on my old rate = $8,000 to $9,000.

Based on my new rate --> Charity = $4,500 (approx.) times 4 = $18,000 (approx.)

When you consider most journalists start out earning only $12,000 to $18,000 a year -- and they work like slaves. Yet, as a copywriter, based on my rates, I donate that much to charity each year in my time.

Think about it...

I work when I want.

I choose which clients/projects I will do.

I work full time from home and commute from my bedroom upstairs to my office on the main floor of our house.

In fact, after 2-1/2 years of working really hard, my royalty payments are now such that I don't even have to work if I didn't want to, and I would still be bringing in 5 times the amount (or more) than any starting journalist. Plus, our own home business is now creeping up there in income to a point where it will soon equal or PASS my writing royalties.

Dont' get me wrong -- we earned it. In fact, that first year we were starving broke as I took on the small jobs for next to no pay, praying for strong residuals to cover the loss in both time and suffering.

Delayed gratification.

Now I'm taking a course that is probably something I should have paid for and completed 2 years ago, but I didn't have time back then ...I was too busy, and too broke, taking any crumbs that fell, so I could feed my family and keep the bill collectors at bay.

We went without many comforts, and even some necessities (like gas to heat our home and power our water heater and power our stove -- 6 months without running hot water -- imagine!)...

Yes, delayed gratification...

Today, I only work with 6- and 7- and 8- even one 9-figure -- income earners.

They're my clients. And believe me, I give them some GOOD STUFF!

And yet, there are some who are in the 9-figure+ range out there trying to find me ...they don't know who I am, but they've seen my work, and they WANT it bad for their own company... they want me bad.

How do I know this?

Because by some strange quirk of fate, I actually found out by "word of mouth" from somebody who told me there was somebody who is looking for the person who wrote "that piece" and lo' and behold it was mine ...and they wondered if I knew who wrote it.

And this is the 7th time this has happened for me in the past 5 months.

So, I'm guessing I've "arrived" and it's time to sit back before taking on any new clients, and before doing any further work for my existing clients, and ask "Where's The Glicken?"

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R Glicken said...

i don't know who u are, but i found ur blog cuz my last name is Glicken and i was wondering wut ur referring to when u ask "where's the glicken?" thanks!