Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Gloves are Off in Jasper County

Citizens for Responsible Government... that's the orange flyers that were being passed around during the meeting tonight. They'll be setting up a website soon where you can contact them, and they're looking for volunteers now. If you're interested in making positive changes happen in our area -- you definitely want to be a part of this. Contact me if you want me to put you in touch with the organizers...

Meanwhile, back to the meeting tonight.

Nine uniformed police officers were stationed at various points inside the building. At least one police car was outside patrolling the parking area... there may have been more -- not sure.

And as you might have already guessed, the BZA ruled, yet again, in favor of this new CAFO trashing our neighborhoods.

Yes, there were protests made when the CAFO rep was given free reign to give, what appeared to the crowd as a full blown presentation -- that was stopped quickly by the opposition lawyers, not the BZA lawyer.

Yes, there were considerable feelings of disappointment, disgust, anger and more rippling through the audience.

Yes, there will be appeals...

The vote regarding whether or not the new proposed Veal calf operation would endanger public health: 4 to 1 -- 4 saying it would not, 1 saying it would.

The vote regarding whether or not it would take away from surrounding area residents' enjoyment of their properties: 4 to 1 -- 4 saying it would not interfere with residents, 1 saying it would.

The vote regarding whether or not it would negatively impact property values, etc.: 3 to 2 -- 3 saying it would not, 2 saying it would.

The vote regarding infrastructures already being in place for the planned facility: 5 said they were already in place.

The vote regarding egress and ingress: 5 said they were already in place.

In other words -- it's been voted in -- by people who don't live anywhere near where this facility is going -- people who don't drink our water -- people who don't have to breath our air -- people who don't have to smell it, hear it, live with it in and day out.

Three of those five people had every intention of voting in favor of the CAFO on all issues. Don't ask me how I know this. Ask them. More specifically, ask John Korniak. Don't expect the truth. You'll have to dig deep for that... and all his connections to CAFOs and more.

Those 3 men have placed my family in harms way.

Whatever the future brings, should anything serious happen as a result of this decision tonight, my hope is that they will be held accountable.

And now, I have some very serious questions for IDEM, since they used the excuse that IDEM regulates these CAFOs so well as part of their reasoning to allow this one to go forward. In fact, I have a few questions regarding the hog farm as well. Hi Jon... yes, I noticed you standing there.

Now, I'm not a hoosier by birth. My husband is. My son is. Here's a curious question...

What happens when you push a hoosier up against the wall and threaten his livelihood, his family, his home?

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Scott Helton said...

I believe that it is way past time to start pushing back. Does anybody know what it takes to get County Commissioners REMOVED from office or if it is even possible? The County Commissioners are responsible for appointing the B.Z.A. Board, and quite obviously they are not doing the job. I myself have to do more paper work and planning just to get a building permit to build a home, than this factory farm did to get an approval from the B.Z.A.
If we can remove or impeach a sitting president, surely there is a way to remove these unqualified Commissioners from office. At the very least WE ALL need to contact Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Kulp, & Mr. Walstra to voice our opinions on the choices that they have made to have a one sided B.Z.A. Board (Farmers). Instead of having a diversified board made of community people from ALL parts of the County, with different backgrounds (Business owners other than Farmers, maybe some educated people in Water Quality Protection and/or Property values, maybe someone in home building, & yes even a Farmer,) but certainly not all from one group as our Commissioners have chosen to due.
While you have these Commissioners on the phone please inform them that the County is WAY PAST DUE, to have our zonning laws updated.