Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Quick BZA Meeting update

Here's the first news article link I've receieved regarding last night's BZA Meeting.

The article begins:
"RENSSELAER - The Jasper County Board of Zoning Appeals voted at the end of a heated five-hour meeting Monday night to table a proposal that would allow an enclosed farm to change ownership and switch from chicken to calf production.

"There was just too much information given for them to make a good decision," said Pat Price, 54, of DeMotte.

The decision proved anticlimactic for the dwindling crowd, which began the evening by filling nearly to capacity Rensselaer Central High School's 600-seat auditorium. The venue was chosen after the board's vote, originally scheduled for Nov. 13, was postponed and moved from the Jasper County Courthouse due to an unexpectedly high turnout.

The board will again attempt to vote on the matter Dec. 27 at the Jasper County Fairgrounds."
Super busy here today... I'll be back later with my personal comments.

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