Monday, December 11, 2006

Jasper County CAFO BZA Meeting Tonight

The BZA Meeting regarding the proposed calving CAFO is tonight.

Time: 7 pm CST
Location: Rennselaer High School (out by the hospital)

Parking is available on the North side and the East side of the high school.

See you there.


Anonymous said...

You are spot on with your concerns for Ethanol and CAFO damage to water quality/abundance as well as with the simple smell factor. However, I guarantee you will be ignored by just about everyone around here when you start listing Al Gore and the European Union as wise entities. Both entities are so full of manure that they make your CAFO look like a starved kitty's litter box.

If you want to stop the poisoning of our water and air, stick to the facts and leave the fruitcakes out of it.

kmyers said...

And this is a good example of how some anonymous comments don't really deserve a response. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Sheesh.