Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jasper County Politics and CAFOs

In "CAFO Burden of Proof" and "Coal C-Stone flyash and Schuringa CAFO" the timeline for activities at the Shuringa poultry-turned-calf CAFO paints a disturbing picture.

After posting those 2 articles, I received some additional information -- including a copy of a letter that NIPSCO sent out regarding the flyash issue. It's in a scanned ppt format, so I won't be posting it since many visitors to my blog do not have powerpoint software installed on their computers.

With that said, here's a quote taken directly from the NIPSCO letter:
"Regarding your question relating to the Schuringa project, NIPSCO cannot comment as to whether the placement of c-stone as a sub-base liner in the Wheatfield location is an appropriate re-use of the material. While in the past, NIPSCO has approved similar applications in other locations in Indiana, it has never been asked to evaluate the specific project you have identified in the Wheatfield area. Indeed, your inquiry is the first time NIPSCO was apprised of the fact that c-stone had been transported to the Schuringa farm in the Wheatfield area. Without further site-specific information, NIPSCO is not in a position to assess the suitability of that location as a location for placement of c-stone.

Once NIPSCO became aware that c-stone was being transported to the Schuringa farm, it immediately took steps to halt the transporting of c-stone to this site. We have requested that the c-stone be returned to NIPSCO's property."
This begs the question, "Who told Walstra Trucking drivers to deliver the c-stone flyash to the Schuringa location?"

If we were to backtrack the chain of command, I have to assume the owner of Walstra Trucking, Jasper County Commissioner, Jim Walstra, gave the order to a supervisor on the hauling project, who then passed the order on to the drivers... unless, maybe his supervisors act on their own without owner's approval?

From what I can gather, the material was intended for a dairy in this area, and approximately 100 to 200 loads, a significant amount, was diverted from that approved location to this (the Schuringa) unapproved location.

I find it difficult (although not entirely impossible) to believe the dairy would be giving the order, right?

After all, if the approved dairy location did in fact give the order, and Walstra Trucking drivers followed those orders without approval from the owner -- namely Jim Walstra -- or his supervisors/foremen... you really have to wonder how much power over politics the said dairy has in this region.

Think about it.


Jane said...

Hi Karen, please look at this link. It shows you just how far people will go. Very sad..

Anonymous said...

What is that supposed to mean Jane?

Anonymous said...

Thought you would be interested in this editorial from Doh Lehe posted in the Monticello Herald Journal.

Anonymous said...

you and your kind... the more you speak the more you confirm your absolute stupidity and ignorance, you are truly in need of help.

kmyers said...

For the record, inflammatory comments that neither contribute to the conversation and/or subject/s being discussed nor provide any info of any substance ... like the one posted above by Annonymous that begins with, "You and your kind..." are normally deleted.

I'm letting this one slide as an example of what is termed "flaming" on the Internet.

I also recommend the person who posted the comment take time to review a few lessons on Internet protocols and blogging etiquette.