Tuesday, March 06, 2007

New Poll on PAL

There is a new Poll on PAL-Item today where you can cast your vote for Rep Pflum's new legislation that would restrict where CAFOs can be located. At the time I voted, the results looked like this:

  • YES: 70.4%
  • NO: 22.7%
  • NOT SURE: 6.9%

Visit through this link to cast your vote on this HOT issue facing Indiana. Just scroll down on their home page to find the small POLL box.

PAL-Item reported a quote regarding the new CAFO legislation from Representative Phil Pflum during his attendance at last Friday's meeting in Richmond:

"I have an obligation to protect the quality of life for all our citizens. Studies show when one of these (CAFOs) is built, property values within two miles experience a 50 percent drop,” Pflum said. “Is it right, when you’re already there, to have them move right across the road?"

Thank you, Rep. Pflum. And thank you PAL-Item for bringing this subject to the surface. That's exactly the situation our community has been placed in. Five generations of my family have lived peacefully in this family home. Where once there were no CAFOs, over the past 10 years they've been swarming into our region like an invasion of killer bees without much thought to anyone (or anything) in their path.

Think it can't happen to you? Without at least some kind of legislative boundaries on the books, it can happen to anyone!


Anonymous said...

They have every right to make a calf ranch (not a veal calf operation)in that location and have not broken any rules in the process.

kmyers said...

I'm guessing you voted NO in the Pal-Item poll.

Anonymous said...

They haven't.. Anonymous??