Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Poll at the Courier Times

The Courier Times has a poll up today (not sure how long it will be up). Check it out through this link.

At the time I placed my vote, the results looked like this:


Poll Result

Should the Indiana Legislature pass the bill co-authored by local Representatives Phil Pflum (D-Milton) and Tom Saunders (R-Lewisville) which would limit where Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are built?

Yes, pass this Legistation.

No, do not pass this Legislation.


What's it all about? House Bill 1197 was authored by Rep. Pflum and Rep Saunders. Later Rep Tyler was added.

The Bill passed the House and now is sponsored by Senator Gard. Myself (and others) have a few concerns about the Bill as it stands now. For examples:

  1. This Bill states only cfo, and we believe the wording must be changed to include CAFO.
  2. The Bill also says only public schools, whereas we think it should read all accredited schools (which would include religious and private schools).
  3. Also the bill does not have any mandatory requirements for haulers of CAFO waste. We believe there is a need for licensing and bonding of haulers.
As of Monday, the Bill had not been scheduled for hearing in the committee. If you want to do your part, you can encourage hearing and passage of this Bill by writing all political parties involved:

Senator Gard s28@in.gov
Riesgsecker s12@in.gov
Bray s37@in.gov
Dillon s17@in.gov
Drozada s21@in.gov
Hershman 7@in.gov
Miller s32@in.gov
Hume s48@in.gov
Errington s26@in.gov
Lanane S25@in.gov
Tallian S4@in.gov

Be sure to include any concerns you have (like maybe those mentioned above) and be sure to cc your own Senator. You might also want to include the fact that we need a moratorium so there will be time to draft rules at local levels. Make sure you mention it in your letters.

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