Sunday, September 07, 2008

Election Speech Analysis

Did you watch the speeches delivered from BOTH large party conventions on each side of the presidential election fence?

I did.

Not just from a voter's point of view (pov)... but also from a writer's pov.

By now you know I'm a copywriter. Some of you might be wondering, "What is that, exactly?"

Briefly, I write the words that help my clients make their fortunes. I'm the ghost writer behind the scenes, talking to you through them. I've written:
- large product/service presentation websites
- lead generation sites
- scripts for online video presentations
- SEO copy for online website traffic generation
- press releases and content articles
- classified ads, google ads, banner ads, ezine ads, solo ads, and more ads
- scripts for radio ads, tv ads, and more...

Yes, I've even written a few "jingles" during the course of my career.

But I digress.

I point out the above because when watching any "scripted" presentations, such as the bulk of the speeches that were dilivered during both major 2008 Presidential Election Party conventions, I like to take them apart from a writer's pov -- paying careful attention to what the writers have each done to "frame" and present their speakers.

As usual, there are a LOT of subliminals built in (A LOT!!) to both Presidential Candidates' speeches.

But, I was curious if I had caught the main themes.

After the campaigns were over, I searched and searched online for "analysis" of the speeches but kept tripping across propaganda and hate articles on both sides of the election fence instead.

Finally, I found this article:
"Super Bowl of Spin Heating Up …
Who Do You Think Will Win?"

It was written by a Canadian copywriter who has been observing events (at a comfortable distance) from his home in Toronto, Ontario. This distance gives him a bit of a clearer "perspective" since he's not an active participant in what is happening here on our side of the border.

After reading Daniel's article, I have to admit, he really "nailed it" from a writer's pov. It's well worth your time to read. It will reveal with startling clarity how words from both speeches were used to "brainwash" voters.

Well, maybe "brainwash" is too harsh a word... but needless to say, the subliminal "positioning" deployed through the speeches were without a single doubt, brilliant -- on BOTH sides.

Click to read the article and see what you think.

More on this soon. See you then!

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