Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Knee Jerks

Dumbing down a population starts in 2 main areas:

1) at the school level

2) at the mass media level

Mind control of a population requires 2 things:

1) constant exposure to the "message" (subliminal or otherwise)

2) an eloquent speaker to "lead" the sheep

Having watched a lot of the mass media spin on the presidential election circuit, I have to wonder -- are the media trying to "dumb down" the USA population? -- or are they being "used" by other outside entities to accomplish the same?

It boils down to who is using whom...

For example, take a look at the flagrantly obvious subliminal "dumb down" tactics employed by US WEEKLY today. Side by side covers, one showing Obama in the most delightful light and the other an outright attack on Palin:

Shame on you, US WEEKLY.

If you're a reader (or, God forbid, a subscriber) of US WEEKLY reading this, I say this: "Don't let them contaminate your brain cells with their contrived neuro linquistic programming trash. Don't let them do that to you."

Who owns US WEEKLY?

The obvious front owner is none other than Jann Wenner, also the proprietor of Rolling Stone and Men's Journal.

But, just a minute here... I found this link to CJR which reveals (as of 2006) 50% of US Weekly was owned by -- get this -- The Walt Disney Company!?!

Gag me with a spoon! Say it isn't sooooooo....

All those supposed "family oriented" films and toons my eight year old son LOVES to watch -- run by the same company that has a 50% stake in one of the most outrageous mind-control tabloids (in my humble opinion) that consistently dumbs down our population (or at least, anyone vulnerable enough to their tactics)... be it in your face or subliminally... plastering their hidden messages throughout supermarkets and newstands across the nation.

Makes you kinda wonder what's hidden in those Disney movies, doesn't it?

Sadly, the dumb-down tactics being deployed by many mass media outlets appear to be working based on the huge numbers of "blind" followers stepping up to drink the kool-aide being offered in most mainstream media spins. I wonder what the flavor-of-the-week will be next week?

To the people, I cry, "Wake up!"

Before it's too late.

Next, from the US WEEKLY site, one commenter provided this list of advertisers for the US WEEKLY tabloid. Here you go...

***Us Weekly Advertisers AND THEIR PARENT COMPANIES***
Cover Girl...Procter & Gamble - PG dot com 800-568-4035
Neutrogena....Johnson & Johnson - JNJ dot com 800-582-4048
Coca Cola/Powerade....thecoca-colacompany dot com 404-676-5009
Pepperidge Farm....Campbell's Soup - campbellsoupcompany dot com
Lady Foot Locker....footlocker-inc dot com Lady Foot Locker Marketing Director, Doug Smith - 212-720-3700
CW....CBS & Warner Bros - cwtv dot com
TRESemme....Alberto-Culver - alberto dot com
M&Ms....Mars - mars dot com
Olay...Procter & Gamble - PG dot com 800-568-4035 dot com
Jack in the Box....jackinthebox dot com
Glaxo Smith Klein...gsk dot com 888-825-5249
food network... E. W. Scripps Company - scripps dot com dot com 800.440.0680
Wrigley's...wrigley dot com
Special K....Kellogg's - kelloggcompany dot com dot com
NutriSystem....nutrisystem dot com
WalGreen's...walgreens dot com
Walmart Media Relations - 1-800-331-0085
Figi Water....?
and dot com
Toyota -
State Farm -
Proctor and Gamble -
LG -
Boost mobile -
Campbell's Soup -
Rhapsody -
Schick -
Converse -

So, the above support the dumb-down operation by their ad dollars, and we can choose to vote against them all with our pocket-books.

Next, what to do about Disney...???

I guess the first step is to find out if it's true. *sigh*

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