Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's Not About the Bow

"It's not about the bow... it's about the White House lie, stupid."

If you haven't seen any of the numerous videos of Obama bowing to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, here is a link to one version:

"White House: No bow to Saudi"

The entire episode might have been just a few short hours of outrage from those who perceive potentially negative implications in his actions -- had it not been for the White House lie that followed.

Remember the phrase: "It's the economy, stupid."

Well, this incident has perhaps blown up owing to a new phrase that many have been attaching to the Administration of late: "It's the lies, stupid."

Now, some of the lies might technically be considered half-truths -- but with his bow to the King, even Obama supporters are calling a spade a spade. For example... "Posted by jojo: I'm an Obama supporter and that was definitely a bow. With all that's going on I think we should concentrate on more important things."

Here is yet another example (of many) from Obama supporters: "Posted by Ghost: Wow!! I cant believe he actually bowed. Whoever said that he didn't bow is a dam liar. I did support the president and i will continue to support him, but i have to admit he definitely bowed."

And yet another example... posted by TG Chicago:
I'm an Obama supporter. I think Obama bowed, and I think he was wrong to bow. But I don't think it was all that big of a deal. Lying about it is a big deal. The anonymous Obama aide should be in hot water for telling an obvious lie on the record. Allowing anonymity to administration officials to tell lies is also a big deal. Ben Smith should be in hot water for printing this garbage. If an administration official tells you a baldfaced lie, don't let them do it anonymously. Make them stand behind their BS. Printing this garbage as if it's truth is a disservice to your profession. Already people are saying "Obama is lying!" or "The White House is lying!" So far, all we know is that this one cowardly anonymous aide lied. And Ben Smith is protecting the liar.
To understand why some in the realm of International politics might consider the bow a big deal, one has to understand the culture of the region. A caste system is far different than a democratic rule. In a caste system you are born to your station -- either an Aristocrat or a Peasant.

Can you guess which caste bows to which?

Sidenote: Makes me wonder if the Queen of England has ever bowed (or curtsied?) to King Abdullah.

Back to the story, here. Since the President acts on our behalf (or at least, he's supposed to) ...on which side of the "fence" do you think we've now been relegated? Subservient? On par? In the big picture, maybe it won't be a big deal....

From a more "militant" side of the analysis, the bow implies far more. It has struck a chord of unease among some moderate Muslim communities for what the action implies in their world. Also, the King's misogynistic approach to rule is no secret.

But, I'm not going to go there.

Instead, I'm going to reiterate: It's about the lie, stupid.

And as more and more and more information slowly rises to the surface shining a light on what is really happening to our taxpayer dollars, who is manipulating whom, who is hiding what... something tells me, it ain't gonna be about the economy by then. It's going to be about the lies, stupid.

For example, you've heard statements (which of course they will deny when the *hit hits the fan) that Obama's quick actions have put us on the fast road to recovery. They say, look at the stock market as a leading indicator. Of course, when it was tanking they told us to ignore the stock market.

Want to take just a wee peek into the future of what's coming next?
The IMF said in January that it expected the deterioration in US-originated assets to reach $2.2 trillion by the end of next year, but it is understood to be looking at raising that to $3.1 trillion in its next assessment of the global economy, due to be published on April 21. In addition, it is likely to boost that total by $900 billion for toxic assets originated in Europe and Asia.

Banks and insurers, which so far have owned up to $1.29 trillion in toxic assets, are facing increasing losses as the deepening recession takes a toll, adding to the debts racked up from sub-prime mortgages. The IMF's new forecast, which could be revised again before the end of the month, will come as a blow to governments that have already pumped billions into the banking system. [link]
It's no wonder rumor has it that they're bailing out the insurance industry next.

Time for tea, anyone?

Speaking of tea, the Indiana State Tax Day Tea Parties are listed here.

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